Vendors: See what’s new with Sponsored Brands

AUGUST 21, 2018

By Lauren Tran
Content Marketing Manager

Today, we’re announcing three recently released features for Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) designed to increase reach, efficiency, and performance. These include new ad placements and bidding options during the campaign creation process, as well as improved ways to monitor performance.

Sponsored Brands empower vendors to increase brand consideration and sales on Amazon by promoting multiple products within shopping results and driving shoppers to a landing page or Store on Amazon.

New placements

In addition to offering a placement above shopping results, Sponsored Brands will now appear on the left side and bottom of the shopping results page on desktop, as well as within shopping results on the Amazon app. This allows more customers to engage as they shop and browse on Amazon.

During the ad campaign creation process in the campaign manager, see how your ad will look in the context of each page by previewing creative on both desktop and mobile.

New bidding options

Decide how you want to manage your bids by choosing from one of two options:

  • Automated: Adjust bids automatically to optimize your advertising cost of sales across placements. For example, automated bidding can lower bids for other placements beyond top of shopping results. Automated bidding will never increase your bid.
  • Manual: Increase or decrease your bid by a specific percentage.

New reports

Monitor ad performance to better optimize campaign results. Download the following three reports (which you can find by clicking Advertising reports under the Advertising tab in your advertising console account–formerly Amazon Marketing Services):

  • Campaign placement report: Track how your ads are performing in each placement and adjust your budget accordingly.
  • Keyword placement report: Understand sales and performance metrics for keywords across both placement groups (in all campaigns that have received impressions). Use this information to make bid adjustments and expand your keyword target list.
  • Campaign report: Gain insights into sales, budget, and performance metrics across all campaigns.

These product updates offer new opportunities to use Sponsored Brands to grow your sales and brand audience on Amazon. To see these new features in action, sign in to the advertising console to get started.