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How can Amazon Ads fit into your financial services marketing strategy? Learn about the advertising solutions we can offer your financial services company, whether it’s insurance, banking, brokerage, or tax.

Person at a desk putting their credit card information into a computer

Understanding financial services marketing

Financial services marketing helps you connect with consumers and companies looking for service providers to fulfill their financial management needs. A complete marketing strategy reaches prospective customers and encourages them to consider your business when they're in the market for financial solutions like yours, before eventually purchasing and becoming loyal customers.

Person at desk entering credit card information into computer

Financial services advertising is projected to grow 9.7% in the US, and is the second largest spending category after retail.1 Financial services advertisers are continuously looking for ways to connect with consumers to drive awareness and consideration of their brand and products, as well as lower-funnel actions, like adoption and retention. In a highly competitive marketplace, advertising can help them stand out.

Financial services marketing trends

79% of financial services customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.2

71% of Gen Zers believe that financial services brands should help them achieve personal goals and aspirations.3

87% of financial services marketers say adopting or refining customer journey strategies is a priority.4

Challenges facing the financial services industry today

Hard-to-reach audiences

Financial services brands are looking to differentiate their brands and products to reach unique audiences with complementary solutions. A strong marketing strategy requires analyzing insights to effectively reach audiences in a fragmented landscape.

Competition for brand awareness

48% of consumers know which financial services brand they are going to select before they open a new credit card, insurance policy, or brokerage account.5 It’s important for you to reach these audiences before they’re ready to purchase, and while they’re still open to considering your products and solutions.

Finding the right moment

An effective marketing strategy reaches consumers at just the right time. More than 30% of insurance, banking, and brokerage customers say that their most recent purchase of a new policy, credit or debit card, loan, or online brokerage account was due to a life-event change.6

Amazon Ads marketing insights


Insurance as a category covers a broad scope of products, spanning health, property, and casualty (home, auto, and renters), life, travel, and many more niche types of insurance. Any risk or liability can be insured.

Based on a custom survey by Kantar, 68% of insurance customers who purchased insurance in the last 6 months shop on Amazon at least 1+ times per month.7

Banking and payments

The banking and payments industry comprises financial institutions such as traditional banks, financial technology (fintech) companies, and network payments providers. They offer a variety of products and services, including credit or debit cards, checking and savings accounts, and payments and lending solutions.

The Kantar survey also found that 88% of consumers who searched for a credit card in the last 6 months visited Amazon within a few days of their application.8


Online brokerage firms allow customers to buy and sell various securities online. Aside from allowing customers to transact online, they also provide resources for investment information and advice.

Of the Kantar survey respondents, 61% of those who used a brokerage firm in the last 12 months had also visited Amazon in the last 30 days prior to the survey.9

  • Financial services advertising strategies

    Maximize your brand awareness

    Our upper-funnel solutions help you extend your reach to audiences anywhere they spend their time, and outside the home.

    Reach audiences at the right time

    We can help you reach audiences at relevant moments when they may be considering new financial services products.

    Measure your campaigns

    Amazon Ads measurement solutions go beyond return on ad spend to help inform and customize your future marketing campaigns.

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