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Your brand.
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Whether audiences are going through their morning routines, working from home, cooking in their kitchens, or entertaining friends and family, we make it easy to connect with an audience of millions during those unique listening moments in the connected home and beyond.

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Be part of their favorite streaming moments

Get your brand message heard with 10-to-30-second audio ads, which play periodically during breaks between the audio content they love.

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Access quality inventory

Tell your brand story across exclusive first-party and premium third-party audio content, including Amazon Music ad-supported tier, Alexa News, Twitch, and Amazon Publisher Direct.

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Make noise on a growing channel

Reach audiences on Amazon Music ad-supported tier — the most popular streaming audio service on smart speakers with the most share of time spent listening.1 Our monthly unique audience grew by +95% year over year across our supply.2 That means our supply helps you achieve greater unique reach that ever before.3

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Elevate your ad campaigns with the power of Alexa

Engage audiences with brand messaging they find relevant using just their voice, now with interactive audio ads. Listeners can simply reply aloud to Alexa call-to-actions to take actions—such as adding an item to their cart, requesting more info via email as well as a push notification through the companion app, or setting a reminder—without disrupting their streaming audio content.

Audio ads insights

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Smart speaker ownership has grown by +77% over the past two years.5


2.0x brand favorability

Amazon audio ads campaigns deliver higher +1.1x ad awareness, +2x favorability, and +1.9x purchase intent compared to third-party benchmarks for audio in the industry.6


1.5x higher brand lift

Amazon audio ads that include an Alexa call-to-action are +1.5x more likely to generate statistically significant lift in at least one brand metric such as awareness, consideration, or purchase intent compared to Amazon standard audio ad creatives.7

Explore three insights from a new study by Amazon Ads and Wondery about how audio can impact the emotions and moods of audiences.

Get started with audio ads

From brainstorming all the way to execution, we want to make it easy for your brand to tell your story using audio ads. Connect with an Amazon Ads account executive to start building your audio ads strategy.

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What are Amazon audio ads?

Amazon audio ads are non-skippable 10-to-30-second ads that play for listeners across first-party and third-party streaming audio services. On Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon Ads also offers interactive audio ads, which let listeners simply reply by voice to an Alexa call-to-action to take actions, such as adding an item to their cart, requesting more info via email as well as a push notification through the companion app, or setting a reminder—without disrupting their streaming audio content.

Who can use audio ads?

Advertisers can buy audio ads whether or not they sell products in the Amazon store. Audio ads require working with an Amazon Ads account executive, with a typical minimum budget of $50,000 (US). We offer both managed-service and self-service buying capabilities, which allow advertisers any necessary control and flexibility. Contact your account executive for more information. Ads are sold on a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) basis.

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Where will my audio ads appear?

Your brand messaging will be heard during ad breaks across premium audio content, including exclusive first-party Amazon Music ad-supported tier, Twitch, News, and third-party Amazon Publisher Direct (APD). They surface across desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TV environments, but the majority are delivered on Alexa-enabled devices. Take a look at the some industry-specific examples.

How are my campaign results measured?

Reporting includes impressions, average impression frequency, cumulative campaign reach, audio start, audio complete, effective cost per audio complete (eCPAC), and more.

What are the ad specs for audio ads?

Take a look at the asset specifications. Advertisers can either provide their own creative assets or Amazon Ads creative production and editing services team can provide full creative and production support (writing, casting, recording, engineering, and mixing) for brands that don’t have audio creative assets available.


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