Targeting optimization enhancements for Sponsored Products

February 17, 2021

What launched?

Advertisers worldwide can now optimize their ad group targeting directly from the search terms page of their manually targeted Sponsored Products ad groups. We’ve added add as [keyword/product] and add as negative [keyword/product] options to the search term page for manually targeted ad groups, allowing you to convert search terms into new targets or negative targets directly within the campaign manager.

Why is it important?

This feature reduces the effort of optimizing your search terms to only a few clicks. You can now view and manage campaign targeting for search terms reporting in the campaign manager without having to download a report and manually add targets to your campaigns. You can improve campaign performance by targeting the keywords or products that shoppers are using to discover your product. You can now easily see how your search terms are performing and add keywords and products as targets directly to your ad group.



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