October 25, 2023

Amazon Ads announces Amazon Publisher Cloud, a new clean room service for publishers

Announced at unBoxed 2023

What launched?

Amazon Ads announced Amazon Publisher Cloud (APC) – a new collaboration service that enables publishers to plan programmatic deals and activate them in Amazon DSP, informed by the ability to analyze their first-party signals together with insights from Amazon Ads. With the rapidly evolving addressability landscape, publishers and advertisers increasingly require interoperable audience- and context-aware planning and measurement solutions that will be durable over time. Amazon Ads is building clean room capabilities that enable this, using AWS Clean Rooms to facilitate secure and streamlined collaboration between Amazon Ads and its publisher and advertiser customers.

Why is it important?

Built on AWS Clean Rooms, Amazon Publisher Cloud is the first and only clean room solution that enables a publisher to analyze its first-party signals with Amazon Ads insights to create deals optimized for reach. Publisher deals are made available for activation in Amazon DSP through a single, streamlined workflow that leverages Amazon's direct publisher integrations. For example, a publisher can understand how its contextual signals index against Amazon Ads audiences that are in-market for products such as pet food or cookware, and package a deal for a brand that wants reach those in-market customers. Amazon Publisher Cloud-based programmatic deals are available with beta launch partners DirecTV, Dotdash Meredith, Fandom, NBCUniversal, TelevisaUnivision, and other premium publishers.

Where do I access it?

  • Amazon DSP

Who can use it?

  • Advertisers on Amazon DSP

Where is it available?

North America
  • CA
  • US