Stream Display Ads

Organically integrate your brand messaging alongside live streams to connect with hyper-engaged viewers.

Stream Display Ads (SDA) provide advertisers with the opportunity to run their display ad creative along side with Twitch live stream content while the creator sound remains on ensuring the ad does not disrupt the viewer experience. Twitch offers two SDA ad sizes available through ADSP.

  • Skyscraper (160x600) - through this placement your ad will render between the live stream and chat
  • Lowerthird (728x90): through this placement your ad will render directly below the live stream player
Sky Scraper

Skyscraper (160x600)


Lowerthird (729x90)

Asset specifications

Image asset
Dimensions728x90, 160x600
Max file size50kB
File formatGIF, JPG, or PNG
Animation lengthMax 15 seconds or 3 loops; whichever is shorter. All animations, including loops, must stop at 15 seconds. Animation must be site served.


General guidelines

  1. Minimum font size: Copy 12pt Arial, Claims and disclaimers 9pt.
  2. Claims/disclaimer: No more than 20% of the total height of the ad.
  3. Borders: Optional, needed if the contrast between ad elements (background or elements at the edge) is below 3:1 when compared with white (#FFFFFF) and/or dark (#0E0E10).

Tags and trackers

Site served with 3P 1x1 Tracking Tags accepted

Supported third party vendors:

  • DCM
  • Sizmek
  • Flashtalking

Twitch does not allow the use of any unapproved 3rd party ad technologies. Twitch requires all ads and 3rd party vendors to be SSL-compliant. All components of video and display ads including creative and tracking must be provided as and able to serve via SSL (HTTPS).

Lead times

Twitch Advertising standard lead times (SLAs) account for the number of business days it will take to launch a campaign and to provide screenshots. The below SLAs assume that the provided IO is fully signed, creatives are approved and ready to be implemented into our systems. See also Lead Times.

  1. Build out creative: 8 business days (includes 1 round of standard client review), 15 business days if animated (with 2 rounds of client review)
  2. Launch and set the campaign live: 3 business days.
  3. Screeshots of live campaign: 3 business days.


North America
  • CA
  • MX
  • US
South America
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  • DE
  • ES
  • FR
  • IT
  • NL
  • PL
  • SE
  • TR
  • UK
Middle East
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  • UAE
Asia Pacific
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