Fire TV

Fire TV offers advertisers an opportunity to reach customers as they browse and discover new entertainment.

In order to make sure customers have the best experience possible on Fire TV, we work with our clients to run ads that are appropriate for all audiences. All Fire TV ad content must conform to Amazon’s Creative Acceptance guidelines. Amazon requires that advertisers review their content with these guidelines in mind before submitting.

Fire TV ads

Fire TV ads appear as sponsored tiles in the “Sponsored” row on Fire TV, helping you engage customers while they’re watching and browsing streaming TV content.

Ad Formats

Inline Banner

Inline ads appear as selectable rows in each major browsing section of Fire TV.

Feature Rotator

Feature Rotator is a carousel-like ad placement appearing above the fold of the screen, making it the most visible part of the Fire TV UI.

Sponsored Screensaver

Sponsored Screensaver is a full-screen ad placement integrated with the original landscape image screensaver experience on Fire TV.

Sponsored Tiles

Sponsored Tiles Image

Sponsored Tiles are ad placements within a row. When the ad tile is highlighted, the ad’s mini-details page is displayed.

Destination types

Multiple destination types are available for ads on Fire TV.

Product detail pages

Customers can be directed to product detail pages for physical products or digital products (videos and apps). On a product detail page, customers can:

  • Purchase or pre-order a physical or digital product available on directly from the Fire TV
  • Select product SKU (e.g. color, size, etc.) options
  • Add products to Wish List
  • Read product features
  • See more product images
  • Read customer reviews

The following types of product detail pages are not supported on Fire TV:

  • Addon-Items
  • Pantry
  • Prime Now
  • Fresh

Alexa Skill apps: Avoid linking the Feature Rotator to any Alexa Skill apps. Instead, use a landing page to show customers how to interact with an Alexa Skill.Product detail pages for physical products are only supported in US, UK, and Germany.

Product detail pages do not contain all of the information that is displayed on the website. Most notably, promotions and discounts are not described on a product detail page. Also, the product must have one-click ordering enabled to be supported on Fire TV.

Video landing pages

Customers can be directed to a video landing page to view a theatrical trailer or video clip. Video playback completion resolves to an end of video page with up to two CTAs, as well as additional information about the video or product.

Fire TV landing pages

Customers can be directed to a Fire TV landing page that showcases a group of related products with additional information, videos, and imagery. Both templated landing pages and fully customized landing pages are available.

Prime Video Channels pages

Customers can be directed to a prime video channel page where they are shown a collection of an advertiser’s content. This option is only available for Prime Video Channel partners that have a campaign promoting multiple pieces of content.

Integrated landing pages

Customers can be directed to an integrated landing page where they can make an Amazon Channels Subscription or navigate to a page to download an app. This option is only available for Prime Video Channel partners promoting Direct To Consumer App.

Ad formats supported by destination types:

Destination typesFeature RotatorSponsored ScreensaverInline BannerSponsored Tiles
Product detail pages (physical products; only available for US, UK, DE) xxx
Product detail pages (videos and apps)xxxx
Video landing pagesxxx
Fire TV landing pagesxxx
Prime Video Channels pagesxxx
Integrated landing pages x
Deep links
(not available for FR, IT, ES)
x xx