Sponsored Tiles

Sponsored tiles are ad placements within a row which allow promotion of content titles and apps in Fire TV. These appear in the form of tiles that looks native to the current experience. The row supports a minimum of 5 tiles in the primary carousel view, but can go up to 10 tiles as a user navigates right within the row. As an advertiser, you pay for the cost of actual clicks on the Sponsored Tiles.

Experience overview

Viewers can scroll down to the sponsored row using the remote on Fire TV. When a tile in the sponsored row is highlighted, the background image along with title and synopsis become visible in the top section of the screen. Once the tile is clicked, the customer can view more details of the content or app and can watch, buy, or download it.

Guidelines overview

This section gives a brief overview of policies and guidelines to be followed for creatives used in Sponsored Tiles.

Selection states


This image shows how sponsored row (second row in the screenshot) appears on the Fire TV interface before any scrolling.



This image shows a highlighted sponsored tile. When the viewer navigates to a sponsored tile, more details about the content appear in the section above.

Highlighted sponsored tile.

Asset specifications

Sponsored tile uses two image assets: a tile image and a background image (optional)

Image componentRequirements
Tile imageSize: 1280 by 720px
Format: PNG
Background imageSize: 1920 by 1080px
Format: JPG

In order to seamlessly integrate sponsored tiles into the device experience, consider the following for the creative assets:

Composition and design

Promotional assets (this includes logos, images, and text) must not be aesthetically unpleasant or inappropriately distract from other onscreen content. Therefore, avoid images that are:

  • blurry, distorted, smudged, stretched,
  • crowded with too many words, visual objects, or competing elements or busy patterns.

We avoid using violence in Amazon promotions. If an image contains weapons, use discretion and avoid imagery in which a weapon is pointing at the viewer or other figures within the image.


Limit the use of vivid imagery/blood/gore as part of the image. Images containing realistic/non-stylized or life-like depictions of deceased human characters (actual or fiction) are not permissible for cover art or primary marketing graphics.

Sex & Drugs

Avoid images that depict drug usage, alcohol, nudity, or are sexually explicit.

To learn more about ad acceptability, see the Fire TV ad policies and guidelines.

Asset types

There are two key parts to image assets: a tile image and a background image (optional)

Tile image

The tile image appears within a row of other tiles in the Fire TV user interface and represents the content title or app. It is the key art based on which an app or content title can be promoted within the sponsored row.

Sample of an app tile:

App tile: Amazon Music

Sample of a content title tile:

Content title tile: Sully

✘ Do not:
  • Use images within image: Key art background should appear as one cohesive image to communicate a singular visual message. Avoid using borders. Box art/ key art ideally extends to the edge of the image.
  • Stretch/skew image: Do not stretch/skew/distort art to create another asset.
  • Make title illegible: Key art title should be legible even when scaling to smaller sizes. There should be enough contrast to separate the title from the background. Keep text to a minimum.

Background image

When the ad is selected, additional information about the content is revealed in the “mini-details” area that occupies the top third of the screen. The mini-details area contains the title text and description text apart from the background image or video.

Mini-details area highlighted:

Mini-details area highlighted

Title of the content or app and synopsis appear in the left section of the mini-details area.

Title of the content or app and synopsis highlighted

The background image appears in upper-right corner of the mini-details area. A video could also be used instead of an image in the background section.

Example of a background image for mini-details area

✔ Do:
  • Use cinematic imagery: Use imagery that is engaging and provides context to the title.
  • Use balance: Use imagery that has a sufficient amount of space on the left side where the logo will overlay.
  • Use Depth: Varying depths of field in the image will provide a good backdrop.
  • Place subject on the right: The main subject should be to the right side of the image.

Updating creatives

You can edit your Sponsored Tiles creatives where you uploaded them.

App developer

If you are promoting an app ASIN, to learn more about updating the sponsored tiles, see Image Asset guidelines for the App store.

Prime Video

If you are promoting a content title, to learn more about updating the sponsored tiles see the Prime Video Direct Graphics Asset Guide.

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