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All year, Amazon Ads partners innovate on behalf of their client’s brands. Now, it’s time to share and celebrate their great work.

Congratulations to our 2022 Partner Awards Winners!

The 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards

Back for the second year, we’re excited to announce the winners of the Amazon Partner Awards: an accolade that honors partners who created exceptionally thoughtful and innovative campaigns for their clients.

After receiving many impressive submissions from our partners, we’re proud to announce nine winners across four award categories: Brand Building, Performance Growth, Scaled Technology, and Innovation. On October 24th, finalists attended the first-ever Partner Awards gala in New York City where the 2022 Partner Awards winner were revealed.

We’re constantly inspired by our partners’ expertise across our suite of Amazon Ads products and their dedication to deliver for advertisers. Now, we’re ready to give their work the recognition it deserves. Please join us in congratulating the winners of our second annual 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards!

2022 Partner Award winners and finalists

Brand Building Award

This award recognizes a partner who utilized the suite of Amazon Ads brand-building products to help their client tell an engaging brand story, accelerate brand growth, and foster more meaningful customer connections.

Winner - UK 2022: MediaCom

MediaCom wins this year’s UK Brand Building Award for their full-funnel seasonal campaign with Coca-Cola, which used multiple Amazon touchpoints to expand Coca-Cola’s reach and brand equity that delighted holiday audiences and exceeded the client’s reach objective by 45%.1

UK Finalists:

Winner - US 2022: Marshall Associates

Marshall Associates wins the US Brand Building Award for their successful full-funnel strategy—which paired creative assets and media strategy with impactful messaging across sponsored ads and Amazon DSP to help Active Skin Repair reach more health-conscious shoppers and achieve record total sales figures (+66% increase in YoY ordered product sales).2

Winner - US 2022: Team One

Team One also takes home the US Brand Building Award for their innovative Amazon Ads multichannel campaign, which used Streaming TV, a livestream game on Twitch, audio ads, and display ads on IMDb to increase brand engagement and awareness for their all-new Lexus NX SUV page by 187% YoY.3

Creating connections begins with a memorable brand story.

With a nod towards innovation and thought leadership, this award recognizes how a partner dove deep to understand the unique needs of their client’s brand and provide high value experiences to help brands deliver their voice to customers, making authentic connections.

See the Partner Awards entry guide for additional information on the Brand Building Award.

Performance Growth Award

This award recognizes partners who leveraged Amazon Ads products to help their clients reach and engage shoppers across the customer journey and achieve substantial performance growth.

Winner - UK 2022: Media.Monks

Media.Monks clinches this year’s UK Performance Growth Award for their partnership with Philips DA UK. Media.Monks launched a full-funnel Amazon DSP media buying strategy that helped grow Philips DA UK’s revenue on Amazon beyond their goal of 50% YoY.4

UK Finalists:

Winner - US 2022: Global Overview

Global Overview wins the US Performance Growth Award for their partnership with supplement brand, Tru Niagen. Global Overview developed an omnichannel strategy that resulted in a 61% increase of monthly new-to-brand shoppers and +170% increase in Subscribe & Save (SNS) subscriptions.5

US Finalists:

Connecting products to shoppers is increasingly challenging in this omnichannel world.

This award recognizes an Amazon Ads partner who established an innovative strategy that demonstrated their expertise in accelerating performance growth in the Amazon store for their client’s brand. Successful applications demonstrated how the partner used Amazon Ads products to create an omnichannel strategy to reach and engage customers across all key phases of the shopping journey — from branding, to purchase and customer loyalty. Judges selected partners who maximized Amazon’s ad solutions to help drive an increase in client sales and measurable business growth for their client in the UK or the US.

For more information on the Performance Growth Award, see the Partner Awards entry guide.

Scaled Technology Award

This award recognizes partners who leveraged the Amazon Ads API to develop innovative technologies that create efficiencies and helped their clients scale quickly and expand into new regions around the globe.

Winner - UK 2022: Merkle and Pacvue

Collaborating partners Merkle and Pacvue win this year’s UK Scaled Tech Award for leveraging their innovative technology to help speed up client Cisco’s ad campaign optimization and increase their return on ad spend (ROAS) by 22% across five countries.6

UK Finalists:

Winner - US 2022: Quartile

Quartile claims the US Scaled Tech Award for their three-phased, AI-powered strategy, which helped client Restaurantware achieve a 3X increase in sales and sharpen their presence in the Home & Kitchen category in the Amazon store.7

US Finalists:

The Amazon Ads API can help drive growth in customer solutions.

This award recognizes a partner who integrated with the Amazon Ads API, built a game-changing technology application, and enabled their client to succeed by growing, acquiring, and retaining new customers. Judges looked for partners whose application created efficiencies that helped their UK or US client scale quickly across new geographies.

FVisit the Partner Awards entry guide for additional information on the Scaled Technology Award.

Innovation Award

This award recognizes partners who demonstrated entirely new ways of thinking by developing innovative features or services that solved a client need and drove measurable results.

Winner - UK 2022: Amerge Ltd.

Amerge Ltd. takes home the UK Innovation Award for their unified product database that produces ASIN-level total return on ad spend (ROAS)—which helped gaming company, HyperX optimize their ad spend and overachieve their initial goal of 30% month-over-month total sales in most countries.8

UK Finalists:

Winner - US 2022: Amerge Ltd.

Amerge Ltd. wins gold in the US Innovation category for its bespoke Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) cloud solution to help book publisher, Loft Troll, develop an overall view of ad campaign performance, automate manual processes, and craft a multilayered strategy to reach new audiences, resulting in a monthly ROI between 146% and 213%.9

US Finalists:

Big ideas and innovations drive growth

Amazon Ads partners are trailblazers, pioneers and creators. This award recognizes a partner who created and launched a feature or service, which solved a client need and drove measurable results for the client’s advertising business. This could come in the form of a new client-facing tool or service, or it could be the result of a partner identifying new ways to help drive advertising results for their client in the Amazon store.

For additional information on the Innovation Award, see the Partner Awards entry guide.

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Partner Awards benefits



Earn recognition from Amazon Ads by publicly sharing finalist or award-winner status with a physical and digital trophy.



Gain visibility through Amazon Ads marketing channels, including: blog posts, homepage, dedicated emails and social media.



Finalists attended the 2022 Partner Awards ceremony in NYC.

Brand lift

Business development

Showcase your success by gaining access to additional business development opportunities such as events, case studies, and webinars.


When was the application period for the 2022 Partner Awards?
  • May 20, 2022 – June 30, 2022
What were the criteria to enter?
  • The Amazon Ads partner must have achieved advanced or verified partner status by Amazon Ads to enter for the partner awards.
  • The advertiser you feature in your case study example must be linked to your company within your Partner Network account.
  • Submission(s) must demonstrate a client campaign that drove impact for your client advertising in the US or the UK over the past year (from May 2021 – to April 2022).
  • Your client may be a vendor, seller, or a non-endemic advertiser, and can be based anywhere in the world. However, they must be advertising in the country you’re applying for (either the UK or the US) to be considered for an award.
  • Submit an application that demonstrated a successful campaign delivered in either the United States or the United Kingdom.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the program terms and conditions.
What was the judging process?

The judging process followed a two-step procedure: First, our preliminary round of judges consisting of Kantar and IAB experts read and pre-scored all entry forms, considering any supporting materials submitted. All judges’ pre-scores were combined, and the highest scoring entries will advance to our executive judging panel. Second, our executive judging panel consisting of Amazon-selected judges, will review, score, and discuss entries to determine finalists and winners.

How were the applications judged?

Every Amazon Ads partner who entered the awards was judged purely on the contents of their entry files and graded against other submissions within the same award category and country. Judges utilized the criteria below to score entries. The list below is not a hierarchical list, and the judging panel may attribute a different weight to each criteria.

  • Quality of entry: was the entry clear, descriptive and informative?
  • Level of difficulty of the challenge or problem that the entrant solved for
  • Innovation in the entrant’s advertising approach
  • How the approach demonstrates excellence with Amazon Ads products
  • Results delivered base on the client’s objectives
  • Customer obsession and overall business impact
What do the finalists receive?

In addition to being spotlighted through Amazon Ads marketing channels, finalists may receive a physical finalist trophy, a digital trophy, and a set of marketing guidelines on how to refer to themselves as a 2022 finalist in their own marketing channels. Finalists may also be considered for additional Amazon Ads marketing opportunities throughout the year.

What do the winners receive?

In addition to being spotlighted through Amazon Ads marketing channels, award winners may receive a physical trophy and a promotional package that includes a 2022 digital trophy along with marketing guidelines on how to share in their own marketing channels. Winners may also be considered for additional Amazon Ads marketing opportunities throughout the year, including an Amazon-hosted video interview promoted through Amazon Ads marketing channels.

Will the Partner Awards continue to grow?

We intend to grow and expand the Partner Awards to more locales in the future. Stay up to date on current and future Partner Awards programs on the Amazon Ads Partner Network.

1 Mediacom, UK, 11/22/21 - 12/31/21. n= 28.9m unique reach
2 Marshall Associates, US, 01/01/22 - 06/15/22. n= 43 Million Impressions, 97K Detail Page Views
3 Team One, US, 01/03/22 - 4/10/22. n= 31.9MM unique users
4 Media.Monks, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, 1/6/21 - 1/6/22. n= 250-270MM users
5 Global Overview, DSP for this client in CA, DE and UK, but this submission was based off US, 1/1/22-4/30/22, n= [<DS>] Cumulative Reach 1/1/22-4/30/22 across all DSP/STV campaigns = 15,026,298
6 Merkle and Pacvue , UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, 5/2/21 - 7/31/21. n= Impressions 75,300,489 and clicks 89,785
7 Quartile, US, 10/01/21 - 12/31/21. n= 493,790 reach
8 Amerge, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, 03/01/22 - 3/31/22. n= UK 2,075,203 / DE 3,533,192 / FR 1,399,483 / IT 981,588 / ES 1,223,641 DSP Cumulative Reach
9 Amerge, US, 01/04/22 - 03/31/22. N= 1,039,109 DSP Cumulative Reach

The case studies, insights, figures, results, and other data presented here were based on the extraordinary performance of the winning campaigns featured in the 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards. The information provided is intended as observation and commentary, not as a recommendation or advice. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.