Building your brand identity with Amazon Ads

You probably know that building your brand on Amazon can help connect you with customers and deepen engagement with your products. But what does 'building your brand' actually mean? In this webinar, we'll explore the facets of brand building—developing your story, sharing your mission, and consistently applying your style guide—and show you how they can have a real, meaningful impact on both your brand and customers.

Whether you'd like to understand all the solutions available to your brand, or want tips for developing a style guide that fits its personality, this session will give you the right foundation to build on. We'll start by taking you through the journey of creating your brand identity, then provide examples of how to use each Amazon Ads solution and measure your brand awareness as you go. And to help you put these ideas into practice, we'll look at how a fictitious brand builds their identity on Amazon.

Level: Beginner
Appropriate for: Vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry


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brand vision

Develop a unique brand vision and mission statement

connected customers

Create a lasting connection with customers

Stores on desktop and mobile

Use solutions like Stores and Sponsored Brands to help build and promote your brand

measure brand awareness

Learn how to measure brand awareness and engagement

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

“Amazon Ads has been very pivotal for a brand like ourselves. We have all of these tools at our disposal to reach the relevant audience and a way to stand out. Amazon has been instrumental in our growth as a brand.”

— Ralph, Advertiser