Create. Connect. Convert.

Reach more shoppers using Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display together


Think of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display like a power couple: They can work in tandem to help you make connections that matter to customers.

With Sponsored Display, you can reach—and connect with—new shoppers and previous buyers anywhere they spend their time, thanks to a range of targeting tactics, placements, and creative formats.

Using Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display together showcases your brand and wider product selection, while continuing to promote individual product listings. That’s a power couple indeed.

Here’s how to set up your Sponsored Display campaign:


Log into your account, click “Create campaign,” choose Sponsored Display, and give your campaign a name.

Define the campaign start and end dates, and choose your daily budget.

Create campaign


Run your campaign with no end date.


Change your budget at any time.

FYI: Create an ad group to organize and monitor the performance of your products within your campaign. Sponsored Display supports one ad group per campaign. Products placed together in an ad group share the same bids and targets.


Choose your targeting tactic: contextual or audiences.

Add at least 10 well-performing products to your campaign. This will give your campaign enough options to serve relevant ads for a given impression, and offer you the chance to surface multiple ads from your brand on a single detail page.

Connect Campaign


Add the best performers from your Sponsored Products campaigns.


Choose products that fall within the same category, are closely related, and/or have a similar price point.

Did you know? Sponsored Display ads will automatically stop serving if your products are no longer available to purchase or are no longer the featured offer.

Select your bid optimization strategy.


Launch your campaign, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.