What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing tactic that allows you to serve ads to target audiences that have previously visited a website or engaged with your social media content.

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Even if you don’t know the definition of “remarketing,” you’re probably familiar with the concept. Remarketing refers to engaging audiences who have already interacted with your brand, to encourage them to take a desired action that may interest them, such as conversion.

For example, customers might log in to your site and add products to their shopping cart, but leave without purchasing. Using the email addresses provided by customers in their account, you can remarket by sending emails reminding them about those products, helping prevent cart abandonment.

Why is remarketing important?

Remarketing is an important part of digital marketing because the customer journey takes time. Most shoppers don’t discover a new brand, choose some of its products, and complete their purchase all in the same session. Many potential customers will take time to consider a brand or product, by browsing elsewhere online or by reading customer reviews, before they make their decision.

Market audience

During this process, you want shoppers to remember your brand, so that once they decide to make their purchase, your brand is top of mind. With remarketing, relevant display ads show up on other sites and apps where your audiences are spending time. You can include messaging about your unique product features or provide a discount promo code to encourage shoppers to keep considering your brand.

Outside of sales, remarketing can also help with brand awareness, consideration, and loyalty. Perhaps a shopper is just starting to look into home improvement, and you are a company that sells tools for DIY projects. The shopper reads an educational article on your brand’s website, but they’re far from the point of choosing a project and buying tools. If your article is helpful and informative, they likely have a positive impression of your brand. Remarketing ads on other websites, apps, or social media can help remind them about your brand, and may encourage them to visit your website again to read more of your articles. Although they are still far from the point of conversion, this step is important for expanding your audience and reaching potential future customers.

Benefits of remarketing

Remarketing can be an important part of your advertising strategy. Here are some of the ways it can benefit your brand:

  • Drive awareness and consideration among new audiences
  • Remind shoppers who have browsed your product to complete their purchase
  • Show relevant ad creative and messaging based on audiences’ demonstrated interests and shopping signals
  • Help move shoppers to the next stage of their customer journey
  • Help encourage brand loyalty by engaging with former customers

Examples of remarketing

Many of our customers have seen success by including remarketing tactics in their advertising strategy. Here are a few examples of successful remarketing strategies.


How top-performing health and personal care advertisers use remarketing

We studied over 7,500 brands in the Health and Personal Care category in Amazon’s store to reveal insights into how they achieved year-over-year growth in detail page views and new-to-brand customers. For top-performing health and personal care advertisers, 26% of their total impressions came from remarketing tactics.1

Case study

VAPE uses remarketing to raise brand awareness and sales


Italian insect repellant brand VAPE used remarketing campaigns informed by Amazon Ads’ audience insights to reach sport lovers, ecologists, parents, and outdoor enthusiasts with tailored ad creatives, helping achieve over 50M impressions and 422K audience interactions. In total, 51% of the brand’s total retail units sold were attributed to the advertising campaign.2

Case study

SpoonfulONE succeeds with Amazon DSP remarketing and Amazon Marketing Cloud


Focused on developing products that make food allergen introduction and maintenance safe and easy, baby nutrition brand SpoonfulONE combined Amazon DSP remarketing campaigns with sponsored ads to increase audience reach and customer acquisition. Amazon Marketing Cloud helped the brand uncover important insights, such as a 3x lift in purchase rate in audiences exposed to both display and Sponsored Products ads, compared to those exposed to Sponsored Products ads alone.afternoon.3

Case study

TENZING drives brand awareness with Amazon DSP remarketing campaigns

Tenzing can

UK-based energy drink company TENZING added Amazon DSP campaigns to their advertising strategy in order to increase brand awareness. Against a detail page view rate (DPVR) goal of 0.2%, TENZING achieved an overall 0.25% DPVR for its display ads, and for its remarketing campaigns specifically, DPVR was as high as 0.47%.4

Case study

Furniture company activates audiences across the funnel with remarketing

Patio forniture

An indoor and outdoor home furniture and home goods company, Noble House Home Furnishing wanted to reach new audiences for one of its brands during key seasonal buying periods. Remarketing campaigns on Amazon DSP allowed the company to engage both in-market audiences as well as shoppers who visited but did not purchase. Results included a 28% increase in new-to-brand purchases.5

Measuring success in remarketing

Depending on the goals of your remarketing campaign, you’ll measure success in different ways. Here are some of the metrics that can be key performance indicators (KPIs) for your remarketing.

Engagement metrics

Your remarketing campaign might not be focused on driving immediate purchases, but rather keeping audiences engaged and thinking about your brands. When you are using remarketing ads to keep potential customers engaged, consider the following metrics:

  • Page visits: How many website visitors are you getting?
  • Email opens: Are your email recipients opening your messages?
  • Click-through rate: When shoppers visit your site, are they clicking through to additional pages?

Conversion metrics

If you are using remarketing ads with the goal of driving conversions or sales, consider the following metrics:

  • Sales (conversion rate): Did audiences ultimately purchase your product?
  • Sign-ups: Did audiences sign up for a free trial of your product?
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): How much marketing spend did it take to acquire customers?

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