TENZING and Expert Edge increased brand awareness with an optimized strategy

Growing sales and category rankings

Named after Tenzing Norgay, the famous Sherpa who was part of the first modern expedition to scale Mount Everest, UK-based TENZING is best known for their flagship product, TENZING Natural Energy, an energy drink derived from natural ingredients.

When TENZING launched on Amazon in 2018, the brand partnered with Expert Edge, a full-service Amazon consulting firm, to optimize the brand’s presence, digital marketing, and sales on Amazon. As a part of this initial strategy, TENZING tasked Expert Edge to help with sales performance. Early goals included high visibility among category shoppers, market share growth, and new customer acquisition.

Going into 2020, TENZING wanted to continue acquiring new customers, while also increasing traffic to Amazon product detail pages and their Store on Amazon, and launching and growing new products.

Meeting new challenges with a Store and sponsored ads

To optimize TENZING’s retail readiness, Expert Edge built TENZING’s Store to tell the story of the brand’s mission, complete with imagery tested to help increase conversion. Additionally, Expert Edge refreshed product detail pages with engaging content to provide a better customer experience by including TENZING’s unique brand story, alongside compelling images and custom product descriptions.

Expert Edge then used Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands to drive customers to TENZING’s new Store and refreshed product detail pages, . Testing and refreshing keywords for both the Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns was key, as the strategy helped to increase visibility and shopping results ranking for TENZING. Expert Edge utilized bulk sheets for monthly keyword reporting, while integrating an AI tool with Amazon's Advertising API helped the agency manage campaigns, bid algorithmically, and harvest keywords.

Additionally, Sponsored Brands campaign performance reporting provided crucial insights on new-to-brand sales and new customer acquisitions.

Reaching new vistas with Amazon DSP and Amazon Audiences

By Q4 2020, Expert Edge expanded their strategy from sponsored ads to Amazon DSP, with the goal of increasing TENZING’s brand awareness. Using Amazon DSP for display ad campaigns, Expert Edge established remarketing campaigns to engage shoppers for both TENZING’s products and similar product categories.

Expert Edge further advanced their Amazon DSP strategy by utilizing Amazon Audiences, which provides Amazon shopper insights. Using lifestyle and in-market audiences around relevant interest categories, Expert Edge helped increase TENZING’s product awareness and sales.

Expert Edge CEO David Jennison credits Amazon DSP as, “a powerful way of accelerating growth and building brand with highly targeted, impactful ad placements.”

Delivering results in 2020

Expert Edge helped increase TENZING’s sales by 150% year-over-year in 2020 compared to 2019. Their sponsored ads ad revenue also grew by 200% year-over-year in the same period.

Expert Edge’s expansion to Amazon DSP resulted in an overall 0.25% detail page view rate (DPVR) for TENZING’s display ads against a 0.2% goal. Some Amazon DSP strategies, such as remarketing campaigns, drove DPVR as high as 0.47%.

quoteUpWith all the advertising features available, we see Amazon as a space that can not only deliver great sales results but also help us increase our awareness amongst our relevant audience.quoteDown
– Ralph Strampfer, Head of Marketing, TENZING