VAPE drove awareness, engagement, and sales with a buzzy campaign

In 2020, VAPE, an Italian insect repellent brand, was seeking to build buzz and drive awareness for their products. The brand is in a popular category, and with summer arriving, they wanted to attract new customers, increase consideration, and drive purchase intent—without traditional TV media.

Building buzz with tailored creative

To accomplish their goals, VAPE worked with Amazon Ads to develop a full-funnel campaign to cover each phase of the customer journey. By leveraging Amazon’s audience insights and shopping signals that indicated interest in similar products, VAPE was able to reach in-market audiences and develop personas related to their outdoor products.

For example, with Amazon’s lifestyle segments, the brand could reach sport lovers, ecologists, parents, and outdoor enthusiasts. Amazon’s audience insights also helped VAPE tailor the ad creative to the audience, based on shopping signals. For example, customers who recently purchased a broom would have seen a banner ad that showed a broom swatting away pesky mosquitoes, before introducing the VAPE product.

Amazon’s audience insights helped VAPE tailor the ad creative to audiences based on shopping signals.

By leveraging a multi-channel strategy through the Amazon DSP, VAPE raised brand awareness and increased consideration. To drive purchase intent, VAPE adopted an “always-on” approach, including sponsored ads and remarketing campaigns to help close more sales.

quoteUpAmazon Ads provides valuable audience insights that fuel strong creative campaigns and help us reach customers at every stage of their journey, from awareness to final purchase.quoteDown
– Matteo Giarrizzo, Henkel, Head of Media, Italy, Greece and Cyprus

Swatting away the competition

Customers responded positively to their full-funnel approach and compelling creative, and VAPE became the top insecticide seller on in summer 2020.

VAPE exceeded their goals of driving awareness, engagement, and sales, as measured by impressions, interactions, and total units sold attributed to advertising. With more than 50MM impressions and over 422K interactions, the brand raised its visibility in the category.1 Additionally, a third-party brand study conducted by Nielsen found the campaign led to an increase of 5 p.p. in VAPE’s brand image as “a brand I trust a lot.”2 In total, 51% of the brand’s total retail units sold were attributed to the advertising campaign.3

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