New Year’s ads: 5 marketing campaign ideas to inspire


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Why is it important to advertise around the New Year?

It’s important to advertise around the New Year to try and maximize your brand’s presence during the entire holiday season. October is the unofficial start of the holiday season, which runs through January, past the start of the New Year.

The New Year is the perfect time to introduce new products or further raise brand awareness, especially for lesser-known brands or small businesses. In a survey of US Amazon shoppers, 31% of customers said they were willing to try a new brand as part of a New Year’s resolution.1 By promoting your relevant products to customers who may be making New Year’s resolutions, you can reach them with the products they need to ring in 2023. A great place to get started is with social media campaigns or email marketing, for example.

When should I start advertising for the New Year?

We recommend you start advertising as soon as possible, before New Year’s Eve, making sure your campaigns are included in your holiday marketing strategies. It’s also important to continue to advertise new products or offer discounts for the New Year in January, as customers are following up on New Year’s resolutions.

Since the New Year is a worldwide holiday, it presents a great way to expand your reach to new audiences across the globe. But with the current economic uncertainty, it’s important that you consider the needs of your customers and optimize your strategy in a way that will resonate with them.

5 New Year’s advertising campaign ideas

A great place to begin for your New Year’s marketing campaign ideas is with health and wellness. According to Statista, the top three New Year’s resolutions for 2022 were healthier living, personal improvement or happiness, and weight loss.2 But, of course, those aren’t the only options for New Year’s campaigns. There are benefits to continuing your holiday toy marketing campaigns throughout the entire year, for example. Here are five marketing ideas to get you started on your 2023 campaigns.

Reaching shoppers

1. Reaching shoppers who have made New Year’s resolutions

In a survey of US Amazon shoppers, 60% of customers said they were planning to buy a health and wellness product to support a New Year’s resolution.3 Additionally, more consumers shop for health and wellness products in the Amazon store in the first quarter of the year.4 It’s the ideal time to focus on your health and wellness campaigns or discounts, and to present new products to new customers who have new goals for the New Year.

Discovering motivation

2. Discovering what motivates health and wellness shoppers

New Year’s resolution campaigns aren’t the only thing you could do to connect with health and wellness shoppers. In 2021, Health and wellness brands that used a combined campaign strategy in the US of Amazon DSP and Streaming TV ads saw a 40% lift in detail page view rate and 40% lift in purchase rate.5 By using multiple ad solutions, you can potentially help improve your sales during the holiday season.

Finding last-minute holiday shoppers

3. Finding last-minute holiday shoppers

Don’t forget that there are plenty of shoppers looking for gifts right before the New Year, too. In a Kantar and Amazon Ads survey, 67% of respondents said they planned to complete their holiday gift shopping after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.6 That means that your ad campaigns throughout November and December leading into the New Year could also be optimized for last-minute shoppers, or for anyone who may need a belated holiday gift, for example.

Continuing toy marketing

4. Continuing your toy marketing year-round

Just because retail holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Boxing Day are over by the time January begins, it doesn’t mean you need to end all your toy marketing campaigns. Almost 20% of frequent toy shoppers on Amazon said they buy toys for themselves, throughout the year.7 Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to end all your gift-giving campaigns as soon as the year ends. Remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Creating marketing campaigns

5. Creating marketing campaigns with sponsored ads

Though shoppers kicked off their holiday shopping on Prime Day in July, it’s not too late to glean information from holiday campaigns leading into the New Year. For example, strategies that include sponsored ads can be relevant throughout the entire year. Once you’ve identified important dates and set up a budget, you can use sponsored ads to help get your products, deals, and discounts in front of the right audiences, regardless of the month.

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