4 Easter marketing ideas for 2024

Easter marketing helps advertisers celebrate the springtime holiday with their campaigns, content, or landing pages. Get inspired for your Easter sales with these four examples of marketing campaign ideas for Easter eggs, chocolate candy, and seasonal promotions.

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Easter marketing is tied to the Christian holiday that takes place annually in March or April. The spring holiday is frequently commemorated with an Easter egg hunt, candy-filled baskets, and chocolate bunnies, providing ample opportunity for creative Easter marketing campaigns, giveaways, or sales. Easter holiday advertising campaigns should start in late winter, soon after Valentine’s Day, since the Easter season begins with Lent in February or March, and run through the holiday.

Easter marketing ideas

It’s the season for Easter egg hunts, so consider what types of kid-friendly products or campaigns you could create, for example, featuring the Easter Bunny. There are also many opportunities for businesses and brands to boost their campaigns for chocolate eggs and Easter-themed candy, and it’s a great way to offer related discounts or giveaways for snacks and recipes too.

Case Study

Cadbury Creme Eggs are some of the best-known Easter candy, and in order to appeal to specific audiences, they launched a streaming channel. The brand also integrated Amazon DSP with video and display ads to encourage customer engagement with their two short films from the campaign.

Cadbury Egg

Case Study

In order to drive sales of their marker products on and create an Easter promotion, Sharpie® produced a campaign that provided an experiential marketing Easter egg hunt for shoppers. The eggs were hidden on the product detail pages and within the Sharpie Store for winners to find, which the brand promoted on social media.



Holidays are an ideal time to promote sweets, and Mars was able to increase consideration, conversion, and brand love for M&M’S in their “Movie Night” campaign. It ran through Halloween and the holiday season, but can serve as inspiration for campaigns that celebrate Easter.



A general recommendation for holiday advertising is to consider advertising with Sponsored Products, since big events such as Prime Day can lead to an increase in shoppers. For example, you could create tactics for advertising products popular during a given event, such as chocolate in the lead-up to Easter.

Sponsored Products


What is Easter?

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated in spring. It follows Ash Wednesday, 40 days of Lent, Palm Sunday, and Good Friday.

When is Easter?

In 2024, Easter takes place on March 31. Easter always occurs on a Sunday, taking place between March 22 and April 25. Known as a “movable feast,” since it occurs on a different date every year, the dates for Easter depend on an algorithm that includes the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar.

When should I start advertising for Easter?

It’s best to begin advertising for Easter and other holidays as early as possible. The Easter season typically begins with Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, which takes place in 2024 on February 14.