A complete resource list for product-first advertising, with Sponsored Products

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Advertising with Sponsored Products can be an effective way to help increase your sales and generate more visibility for your products and brand across Amazon's store.

Your products are arguably one of the most important parts of a successful advertising campaign. To help you succeed when advertising, we’ve created this resource guide to help answer your questions, so your advertised products can help you hit your performance goals. From selecting which products to advertise with Sponsored Products, deciding on your optimum campaign set up, or discovering ways to improve your product detail page, this guide will support you along the way.

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1. Set your products up for success

When your products are set up well and include key details that help shoppers make informed purchase decisions, it could help you make a sale. With that in mind, here are some tips to help optimize your product detail pages and get them set up for success when advertising.

2. Choosing products for your Sponsored Products campaign

Selecting which products to include in your Sponsored Products campaign is an important first step when advertising with Amazon. It can determine how you structure the rest of your campaign and ultimately, how much return you can receive from your investment in ads.

Check out our resources to help you pick optimal products from your inventory for your Sponsored Products campaign.

3. Review and improve your product detail page

It’s good practice to continually review your product’s detail page, to check for opportunities to optimize and improve it, to help boost your chance of succeeding when advertising. Here are some resources that explain ways you can do that.

4. Category specific recommendations

If you are advertising products within specific categories, there can be additional things to consider. To help you get category specific advertising right, we’ve developed the below resources to guide you through it.

5. Setting up ads for key shopping events

Big events, such as Prime Day or the holiday season, can bring an increased number of shoppers to Amazon’s store. This can be a great opportunity to be strategic with your marketing, to help make the most of it and hit your business goals. There are several tactics you can use, such as advertising the following types of products; recently added products, those with excess inventory, and products popular during a given event, such as chocolate in the lead up to Easter.

We’ve got a range of event specific content for you to peruse, to help you build a strong and successful campaign alongside events.

6. Consider working with a partner to support your ad needs

Explore the benefits of collaborating with agencies that can help you reach new audiences, drive brand awareness, optimize ad spend, and boost sales revenue. Here are some resources that highlight those partnerships.