How self-service ads can start the cycle of discovery

Explore our self-service ad options and grow your brand on Amazon, where 75% of shoppers discover new products or brands.

You can use the cycle of discovery to help build your brand over four key stages: discovery, increased product views, purchase, and product reviews. Each stage of the process feeds into the next, leading to higher consumer brand awareness and more product purchases.

Cycle of discovery

And because 75% of shoppers use Amazon to discover new products or brands1, creating a presence for your brand on Amazon will ensure you’re meeting your desired audience where they already are.

Where does the cycle of discovery fit within the marketing funnel?

First, let’s take a look at the marketing funnel. Awareness is at the top and marks the first touch point with customers. It encompasses all efforts to reach the relevant Amazon audience for your brand and gain exposure, such as Sponsored Display or Sponsored Products.

Next in the funnel is consideration. Here’s where you tell your brand and product story in an effective way that leads your audience toward the intent to purchase. By convincing your consumers that this is the right product for them, you’re paving the way to a future buy.

The funnel completes with the purchase. Your audience has decided to buy your product, so you want to make sure they can easily see and access it as they fill their cart.

Marketing funnel

The cycle of discovery promotes brand awareness and is a key part of the all-important top of the funnel. As discovery of your product and brand increases, more and more customers will begin their journey in the marketing funnel, driving your sales.

But how do you assure your brand is in the forefront of your audiences’ minds? Start by using our self-service advertising solutions—ads that can be created on your own time using our simple tools to increase awareness anywhere customers spend their time.

Choose self-service ads and other opportunities on Amazon to build your brand.

Sponsored Products

You can target by keyword to help increase the visibility of an individual product. The ads appear in shopping results and in other product detail pages to help drive views and sales.

Sponsored Brands

These ads are similar to Sponsored Products, but your keywords will help drive traffic to your brand as a whole. They feature your brand logo, name, a collection of your products, and a custom headline. They appear in shopping results and in product detail pages.

Display ads

These automatically generated display ads feature images of your products that will help raise awareness and drive purchases. They appear anywhere customers spend their time.

Sponsored Brands video

Use these auto-playing video ads to stand out in desktop and mobile shopping results. Each video features one of your products and, when clicked on, will take shoppers directly to the product’s detail page.


You can create a multi-page destination for your brand on Amazon, so shoppers can browse through all of your products in one curated shopping experience. You can use other self-service advertising options to drive traffic to your Store.


This image-based experience on the US Amazon mobile app makes browsing more interactive and interesting. Shoppers can shop from brand-specific feeds or explore product-based feeds to discover new brands.

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution helps you manage and view how your marketing strategies outside of Amazon are helping drive sales on Amazon. You can apply these insights to make marketing decisions and optimize your existing campaigns, while also using them to plan your future campaigns.

Amazon Live

Stream live to interact with your shoppers in real time. You can use the Amazon Live Creator app to stream for free within your detail pages, and in other relevant placements across the Amazon site where shoppers are browsing.

Brand Follow

Brand Follow

Shoppers who want to curate the content they see have the option to follow the brands they love. Your brand followers will see more of your products while they browse, so you can increase engagement.

Use these self-service opportunities to grow your brand and start up the cycle of discovery—helping drive sales and awareness that last.


What are self-service ads?

Self-service advertising is a process for advertisers to buy advertising inventory directly from a publisher using an automated platform. Self-service advertising platforms often allow advertisers to manage their campaigns and can make the advertising process more efficient and scalable.

What is self-service programmatic advertising?

Self-service programmatic advertising is an adtech process enabling media buyers to independently generate, execute, and manage advertising campaigns

1 Source: Tinuiti, “The 2020 Amazon Shopper Survey”