Advertising tips and examples for El Buen Fin

El Buen Fin is a shopping event in Mexico that, in 2024, takes place from November 15 to 18. Similar to Black Friday in the U.S., it’s an opportunity for advertisers to offer deals to customers.

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What is El Buen Fin?

El Buen Fin is essentially the Mexican version of Black Friday in the U.S. The shopping event takes place annually the weekend before Mexican Revolution Day, and in 2024, El Buen Fin will take place November 15 through November 18.

Mexican Revolution Day is a national holiday that is observed on the third Monday in November. El Buen Fin began to accompany the holiday in 2011 as a shopping event to offer deals to customers both online and in person.

Which countries celebrate El Buen Fin?

El Buen Fin is celebrated in Mexico. It’s an unofficial counterpart to Black Friday, which is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving in the US. The shopping holiday also has variations taking place in November elsewhere in the world, such as White Friday in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.

Another notable shopping holiday in Mexico is Hot Sale, which takes place during the last week of May. It typically lasts five days, giving advertisers and marketers the opportunity to offer deals, promotions, and bargains.

EL Buen Fin

When is the best time to start advertising for El Buen Fin?

At least a month before El Buen Fin is the best time to start advertising, since October is the unofficial start of the holiday season. Shoppers will begin searching for celebration ideas and gifts in advance, so it’s important to have your campaigns ready for them.

Across the globe, holidays like Diwali start as early as October, and holidays like Lunar New Year last through the early months of 2024.

How do you advertise for El Buen Fin?

Since El Buen Fin is a holiday specifically dedicated to shopping, it’s a perfect opportunity to advertise. Here are three tips on how to advertise for El Buen Fin.


1. Deals and ads should be live at the same time

According to the Amazon Ads guidelines and acceptance policies related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which also cover El Buen Fin, advertisements should only feature deals that are live at the same time the ad is live. Doing so ensures that the dates of the event are clear and differentiates it from Black Friday in the US, as well as other shopping events in November. It’s important not to mislead customers about the dates or duration of El Buen Fin.


2. Remember that holiday shopping doesn’t end in November

Another component of holiday advertising is providing ads or products even after El Buen Fin. Although El Buen Fin may end in November, it doesn’t mean your customers are necessarily done shopping. A recent Amazon Ads and Kantar survey found that 67% of holiday shoppers won’t complete their shopping until after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.1 It could be beneficial to create new ads and campaigns to reach customers who are doing last-minute holiday shopping.


3. Utilize Amazon Ads to assist with your marketing strategy

Whether you need help getting starting with ad campaigns or want assistance amplifying your existing ads, Amazon Ads can help. launched in June 2015, and additional products available in Mexico include Sponsored Display, added in 2021, and Amazon Attribution, added in 2022.

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When Chevrolet launched the 2022 Chevrolet Groove in Mexico in October 2021, they wanted to raise awareness with car shoppers. To do so, they worked with Amazon Ads to create a custom landing page on and create programmatic display ads through the Amazon DSP, among other activations. By focusing on a more local audience, they worked to reach new customers with the information they wanted and needed.

Chevrolet Car


Amazon Ads and Kantar surveyed Mexican shoppers on their shopping and purchasing of non-alcoholic beverages. The study found that Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, and video ads all helped drive discovery of non-alcoholic beverages on Amazon. Using Amazon Ads products to aid your campaigns can help improve the path to purchase for your customers.

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Case Study

L’Oréal Mexico wanted to engage a larger audience, and they did so by using a full-funnel marketing strategy. They used Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, and Amazon DSP to reach customers on a variety of touchpoints on their customer journeys. In doing so, they were able to increase sales on Amazon and attract new customers.


Case Study

Hear from Avera founder Jorge Cielak on how using a combination of Amazon Ads solutions— including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display in Mexico— helped grow the brand.

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If you have limited experience, contact us to request services managed by Amazon Ads. Budget minimums apply.


When does El Buen Fin start?

El Buen Fin starts on November 15, 2024.

When does El Buen Fin end?

El Buen Fin ends on November 18, 2024.

What does El Buen Fin mean?

El Buen Fin is short for “El Buen Fin de Semana” in Spanish, which translates to “the good weekend” in English. It refers to the weekend of shopping events.

1 Kantar Quickfire survey, US. 500 participants who have shopped during the Q4 2019/2020 holiday season and plan to do so in 2021.