Shoppers in Mexico research before quenching their thirst with non-alcoholic beverages

September 16, 2021

People reach for non-alcoholic beverages when they’re thirsty, but they’re not necessarily making impulse purchases. Whether they’re grabbing a can of soda while running errands, or stocking up on juice and coffee for their families, shoppers put in a considerable amount of research before buying non-alcoholic beverages.

Amazon Ads and Kantar recently surveyed 500 shoppers in Mexico to learn where and how they research non-alcoholic beverages before making a purchase. Survey participants had purchased non-alcoholic beverages on and off Amazon, and visited non-alcoholic beverages pages on and during the past three months. Here’s what we learned about their paths to purchase.

Many non-alcoholic beverage purchases occur off Amazon

The survey found that 89% of non-alcoholic beverage purchases occur outside of Amazon.1

Yet, Amazon can have a role in non-alcoholic beverage discovery

However, Amazon plays an important role in non-alcoholic beverage shopping journeys. Shoppers in Mexico are discovering, researching, and evaluating non-alcoholic beverages on Amazon—even if they ultimately do not purchase them in our store.

The study found that 50% of the shoppers surveyed who purchased non-alcoholic beverages online, and 50% who purchased in-person, had visited or before buying their beverages.2

In addition, Amazon helps drive non-alcoholic beverage discovery. We found that 75% of all non-alcoholic beverage shoppers surveyed discovered a new brand or product on Amazon. And 86% responded that they discovered a new non-alcoholic beverage brand on Amazon online and ultimately purchased it, either at Amazon or at another retailer.3

For non-alcoholic brands seeking to introduce their products to thirsty shoppers, the survey found that Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, and video ads all helped drive discovery for non-alcoholic beverages on Amazon. In fact, 92% of non-alcoholic beverage buyers surveyed who visited Amazon online recalled seeing an ad, with Sponsored Brands and video ads being the most impactful.4 Brands should remember that even if their customers are purchasing non-alcoholic beverages offline, it can still be effective to connect with shoppers online during their journeys.

Non-alcoholic beverage shoppers research before buying

While non-alcoholic beverages may seem like an impulse buy—picking out the drinks you’re in the mood for—shoppers research these products before buying.

Of all non-alcoholic beverage buyers surveyed who researched online before making a purchase, 77% visited a store’s website or app, 74% went to a beverage brand’s website or app, 69% visited an online store’s website or app, 68% visited Amazon’s website or app, and 62% researched on social media.5 Those shoppers were comparing prices and trying to find the best deal or promotion (58%), finding the right product for their needs (45%), seeking the products with the best recommendations or ratings (44%), or comparing attributes between brands and products (27%).6

The takeaways? Customers visit multiple channels before making a purchase, many of them online. So, advertisers should strive to give customers the information they’re seeking—prices, differentiators, ratings or recommendations from other shoppers—at each interaction.

Amazon can help inform non-alcoholic beverage shoppers

Shoppers found Amazon helpful when researching non-alcoholic beverages: 62% of in-person shoppers surveyed found Amazon extremely or very useful, and 74% of online shoppers surveyed found Amazon extremely or very useful.7

Many of our surveyed shoppers visited Amazon to learn more information after they’d already started to research. Of non-alcoholic beverage buyers that visited Amazon’s store, 46% were just starting to research, 56% had done some research already but needed more information before making a decision, and 15% were ready to buy.8

Of non-alcoholic beverage shoppers who visited Amazon’s online store, 49% said that Amazon provided information to help make them feel confident in their purchase, 36% said Amazon helped them find a new product they weren’t considering, and 35% said they’d been undecided about what to buy and Amazon provided information.9 While browsing on Amazon, 59% of non-alcoholic beverage buyers reported visiting Amazon shopping results pages, 55% perusing product detail pages, 48% going to category pages for non-alcoholic beverages, and 31% visiting a brand’s store.10

Of all non-alcoholic beverage buyers who look for products on Amazon, 91% reported purchasing an item immediately or within a few days of an Amazon visit.11

These findings indicate that even though purchasing non-alcoholic beverages may seem like a decision that shoppers make in the moment when they’re thirsty, they do considerable research to find the right drinks, at the best prices, before they buy. Their shopping journeys span various channels, and Amazon can play a key role, even if customers ultimately make their purchases elsewhere. Consider using products like Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, and video ads to reach customers along their paths to purchase, and provide the information—pricing, your brand’s differentiators—to help them decide what to buy.

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