Stream for ice cream: Magnum and Twitch brought a new ice cream flavor to Singapore

Ice cream ranges in flavor depending on where you are in the world, and Unilever’s Magnum is continuously looking for ways to adapt its offerings to celebrate local flavors. For its first ever Asian-inspired ice cream flavor, Magnum wanted to introduce their new product to a wide and engaged audience. With the help of Twitch, Magnum debuted their new matcha-flavored handheld, premium ice cream to a livestreaming audience in Singapore.

Magnum wanted to connect with customers who enjoy sweet treats and introduce them to a truly indulgent experience with their newly inspired ice cream flavor. Their goal was to increase product awareness and consideration for Magnum Matcha among an audience that would be excited about their new East meets West flavor combination.

Through Twitch, Magnum used the Influencer Program to work with creator Zumi. With more than 34,000 followers, Zumi took her viewers on an ice cream journey, introducing them to Magnum Mini Matcha World.

Live on her stream, Zumi unveiled the Magnum Matcha packaging to her viewers and brought the ice cream box close to her webcam so viewers could see the brand and product. Then, she unboxed the ice cream, showing off the handheld treat’s thick, Belgian chocolate shell. This was followed by the streamer sharing her genuine reaction during a live taste test of the Japanese-style matcha ice cream

Creating a custom streaming experience

Zumi’s Magnum Matcha unboxing and tasting was a 2-hour custom influencer broadcast. The stream was amplified with Twitch advertising products like Twitch Premium Videos, Homepage Carousel, display ads, and programmatic video. Through these methods, Magnum was able to reach a wide audience. The program received about 2 million video impressions, with a 0.66% video click-through rate, and generated an 85% video completion rate. 1

By collaborating with Twitch, Magnum introduced their new Asian-inspired flavored ice cream to a relevant audience, reached a wide group of potential consumers, and promoted their product in the streaming community. Food brands that want to bring awareness and consideration to their products while connecting with a live and engaged audience may consider using Twitch’s advertising solutions for their product needs.

1 Twitch case study: Unilever Magnum Matcha, Singapore, May 2021