Case Study

Tinuiti and Swedish air purifier company Blueair use AMC Audiences to create a full-funnel strategy

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  • Convert customers more effectively and efficiently
  • Drive repeat purchasing behavior
  • Reduce ad spend


  • Obtained shopper insights using Amazon Marketing Cloud
  • Created custom AMC Audiences to better reach shoppers
  • Implemented a crawl, walk, run strategy to guide shoppers through the entire sales funnel


  • 68% reduction in acquisition cost for new-to-brand customers
  • 328% exceedance of return-on-ad-spend goal
  • 20% of total sales contributed through AMC Audiences at only 4% of the ad spend
  • 72% exceedance of Amazon’s category remarketing benchmark

Blueair believes that everyone deserves a breath of fresh air. That’s why the company, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, designs innovative and sustainable air purifiers that bring clean air to more than 60 countries around the world. To reach the U.S. and Canada, Blueair launched on Amazon in 2017.

Blueair wanted to find more effective and efficient ways to convert customers and drive repeat purchasing behavior while reducing ad spend. In early 2024, they decided to work with Amazon Ads partner Tinuiti, an independent performance marketing firm who activates customers with full-funnel ad campaigns, creative content, and operations management—all powered by their proprietary retail media tech. Together, the companies expanded Blueair’s advertising strategy across the entire sales funnel.

Developing a full-funnel AMC Audiences strategy

Blueair’s customer-behavior research found that the air purifier category was more search-dependent than other categories on Amazon. They knew that protecting search ads, which accounted for 70% of their search marketing budget, was their top priority.1 So, after Prime Day in July 2023, Blueair and Tinuiti started using Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) audiences to obtain custom insights about Blueair’s shoppers and then act on those insights directly using Amazon DSP. They began by creating a custom audience, Cart Abandoners, which helped them understand and reach audiences who added Blueair products to their carts after Prime Day but didn’t convert.

The Cart Abandoners audience served as a proof of concept for the effectiveness of AMC Audiences. After the success of the first audience, Blueair and Tinuiti decided to launch five more custom AMC Audiences by identifying relevant products, then building queries and search campaigns that reflected the priority of each product.

Tinuiti used a crawl, walk, run approach to strategically include all stages of the sales funnel in Blueair’s AMC Audiences. They started with search-focused audiences to generate upper-funnel impressions, then expanded the strategy to systematically guide customers down the funnel. This full-funnel strategy also incorporated Sponsored Products and video ads to reach high-impact audiences.

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Every brand with an Amazon DSP strategy can use AMC to grow their business. For us, using a crawl, walk, run approach for our AMC Audience strategy was critical to developing meaningful insights and driving performance.

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- Jonathan Cole, commerce media lead and senior manager, Tinuiti

Generating sales at a fraction of the ad spend

Insights from AMC Audiences helped Blueair and Tinuiti make their marketing campaigns more effective and cost efficient. In fact, within the first four months of launching, AMC Audiences contributed to 20% of total sales at only 4% of the ad spend.2 AMC Audiences also cut the acquisition cost for Blueair’s new-to-brand customers by 68%.3 Most impressively, the return on ad spend (ROAS) for AMC Audiences exceeded Blueair’s blended ROAS goal for full-funnel media by 328% and Amazon’s category remarketing benchmark by 72%.4

As Tinuiti and Blueair continue to expand their strategy, AMC Audiences will help them to protect their media investments by guiding customers all the way through the sales funnel. Moving forward, Tinuiti plans to help other clients understand and prioritize their most valuable audiences using AMC Audiences.

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Prioritizing communication and transparency with your partners is crucial. Building strong, open lines of communications fosters trust, creates better alignment of goals, and ultimately leads to more successful and effective Amazon Ads campaigns.

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- Brittany McLean, head of DTC and performance marketing, Blueair

1-4 Tinuiti, US, 2024