How The Hershey Company reached incremental audiences with Streaming TV ads

Until recently, The Hershey Company used linear TV to communicate its message their audiences, but as viewing consumption began to fragment, the brand realized it was no longer able to reach its audience with linear TV alone. It needed to find a new way to communicate its brand story to these hard-to-reach audiences during key seasonal moments.

The Hershey Company began working with Amazon Streaming TV ads, sometimes known as over-the-top (OTT) video, and found it could drive awareness for its brand at scale while still engaging relevant audiences based on Amazon’s first-party insights. And with access to exclusive ad inventory, like IMDb TV*, it was able to extend the reach of its linear TV campaign to an audience that would have been missed with linear TV alone.

quoteUpWith Amazon [Streaming TV ads] we’re actually able to [reach] an incremental audience we can’t get with just linear television. Now we’re growing our reach across all mediums.quoteDown
– Charlie Chappell, Head of Integrated Media and Communications Planning, The Hershey Company

Watch the video below to hear more about The Hershey Company’s story and how the brand is using Amazon Streaming TV ads to engage an incremental audience and tell its brand story.

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*IMDb TV is now known as Freevee.