Case Study

Advantage Unified Commerce drives brand awareness for Nature’s Path

Chocolate and raspberry granola spilled

Nature’s Path, one of North America’s popular organic breakfast and snack food brands, has been selling in the Amazon store since 2007. Nature’s Path has typically sold “direct to everywhere” (DTE), and lately the brand has been working with Amazon Ads advanced partner Advantage Unified Commerce (AUC) to help manage their DTE business and product portfolio in the Amazon store.

Nature’s Path tasked AUC with establishing the brand in a popular category, by helping reach new-to-brand customers while continuing to serve their typical customers on Amazon. A key component to meeting these goals was creating a strategy to help increase brand awareness and loyalty. Key performance indicators to track their success included return on ad spend (ROAS) and average cost per clicks (aCPC).

Setting Nature’s Path up for success with quality creative and beta participation

AUC’s brand managers worked with Nature’s Path to help position them for success by creating A+ content for various products within their catalog. AUC and Nature’s Path took advantage of the Amazon Ads product beta opportunity for Sponsored Brands video by leveraging animated video creative of their top products, which was paired with curated lifestyle photography that was integrated with their Sponsored Brands campaigns.

For bidding strategies to complement their Sponsored Brands video and image formats, AUC focused on expanding product category targeting for Nature’s Path. AUC selected keywords based on historical performance for the “organic” category paired with three priority ASINs for images and one key ASIN for video ads. From there, AUC tested, learned, and iterated—establishing a strong baseline that optimized for their goals.

Seeing results with the AUC approach

By using AUC’s strategy, Nature’s Path observed a 2x increase in click-through rate (CTR), a 1.5x increase on ROAS, and a 50% decrease in aCPC.1

quoteUpDon’t underestimate the power of Sponsored Brands video in working hand in hand with your Sponsored Brands campaigns. By continuing to optimize, we were able to surpass Nature's Path's goal.quoteDown
— Chelsea Dunlap, media manager, Advantage Unified Commerce

By implementing a custom stacked creative approach, Nature’s Path was able to increase awareness and consideration, which has become a staple for AUC’s Amazon Ads marketing strategy.

1 Source: Nature's Path, United States, 2022.