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Char-Broil gets new audiences excited about grilling, thanks to a Streaming TV campaign

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When Char-Broil began their journey with Amazon, they wanted to build their brand through search. They were already seeing success with Sponsored Products, but as they launched a new electric appliance called the Edge Grill, the team wanted to reach new audiences and introduce them to easy and healthy ways to grill in their own homes. Since there was low awareness for electric grills, they wanted to showcase how convenient they could be.

The brand wanted to show audiences that the Edge Grill was easy to use and delivered sizzling flavor, taking a traditional propane grill and adding electricity for a less messy grilling experience. Unlike other electric grills that were small or sat on countertops, the Edge Grill was a full-size appliance that could cook up everything from salmon fillets for a weekday dinner to a full rack of ribs for a Sunday football game. To effectively showcase their product, Char-Broil used video ads to help consumers fully see the item and experience its benefits.

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One of Char-Broil’s main goals was to expand upper-funnel activations and promote product awareness, but they hit a hurdle: They did not have suitable video assets to run a Streaming TV campaign, so Amazon Ads helped them produce and launch their first one. The final creative included a 30-second video ad featuring a QR code that led shoppers to Amazon. At the end of the video ad, there was a customized end card that read “Available at Amazon,” with the Char-Broil logo and slogan, which helped encourage brand recognition.

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In the end, Char-Broil’s Streaming TV campaign led to a branded search rate 77% above benchmark and a detail-page-view rate 11% above benchmark2. Given the positive performance, the brand chose to extend the campaign once the initial six-week test concluded.

Char-Broil’s Streaming TV campaign

Working together towards a common goal

Since Char-Broil was debuting a product that introduced a new, convenient way to grill, they wanted to ensure they were communicating their new product to a new audience. Sponsored Products helped reach new customers who were shopping for their products, and Streaming TV ads facilitated attracting and educating new audiences on a new product category.

Results are reflective of one campaign for one advertiser and are not indicative of future outcome.

1Amazon Ads video incentive production is intended for first-time video advertisers
Amazon internal data, US, 2022