Case Study

SparkX helped boost art supply brand’s monthly sales by 49% using AMC Audiences

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First launched in the Amazon store in 2020, a high-quality art supply brand has been working with their agency, SparkX, to connect with art lovers and practitioners by using an array of Amazon Ads solutions, including Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for growth insights.

Leveraging sales opportunities with B2B buyers

From a previous audience and shopping pattern analysis in AMC, SparkX found that a significant portion of the brand’s sales came from those purchased items in bulk, and these customers were usually business-to-business (B2B) buyers such as schools and small to medium-size businesses. SparkX therefore leveraged more Amazon B2B audiences available through the Amazon DSP audience catalog in campaign activations. While this approach led to positive outcomes, SparkX wanted to create more opportunities to further segment the brand’s B2B customers to better increase cost-efficient outreach.

Connecting with customers who buy in bulk

The launch of AMC Audiences allowed SparkX to help the art supply brand build on top of the previous insights and get even more sophisticated with their audience strategy. The agency was able to build new audience segments based off total spend across key Amazon standard identification numbers over the past year, as well as other audience attributes considered indicators of high likelihood to consider making a purchase. The agency then rolled out a remarketing campaign with a built-in test, with the new custom audience created in AMC as a test group, and past brand purchasers as well as B2B catalog audiences as control groups.

quoteUpWith the help of AMC Audiences, we can reach bulk-order buyers, stimulate repurchases, and enhance advertising efficiency further. We eagerly anticipate further applications of this feature to drive more growth and success at our company.quoteDown
— Founder, art supply brand

Observing superior performance across key metrics

Over the monthlong campaign run time, the agency observed positive outcomes across key performance indicators. Compared to the brand purchaser control group, the custom audience achieved 4% higher detail page view rate (DPVR), 120% higher average transaction value (ATV), as well as 169% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).1 This custom audience also outperformed the B2B audience control group, with 56% bigger ATV and 102% higher ROAS measured at the end of the campaign.2 In addition, campaigns where custom audiences from AMC were incorporated helped the art supply brand achieve a 49% monthly sales revenue lift without increasing ads budget.3

quoteUpThis is an excellent case on how low-price brands can capture opportunities for business growth using actionable insights. SparkX will use AMC Audiences to build more customized use cases and to help more advertisers expand and succeed.quoteDown
— Allen Ye, managing director, SparkX

1-3 Source: SparkX, United States, 2023.