What propelled Anker’s success with 30x growth in five years?

Anker’s marketing background

Anker Innovations’ business philosophy is to be product-centric and keep up with consumer needs, which matches up with Amazon's focus on quality products and customer obsession.

Anker grew their business on Amazon by helping customers discover new products, which helped the company become a leading Chinese electronics brand.

“In 2011, Anker Innovations started selling on Amazon.com. To help customers discover new products, we tried Amazon Ads. After we promoted a new product with Sponsored Products, we were able to support reaching relevant audiences.”

— Wen Junge, Online Marketing Manager, Anker Innovations

Marketing strategy

Be product-centric, fueled by research and development

  • Anker Innovations’ strategy was simple, focused on product innovation and improvement, and provided customers with quality products and services.
  • Sponsored Products helped customers discover Anker’s line of products and generate more customer reviews and feedback from users. The operation team dived deep into the reviews, analyzing customers’ pain points and needs, to generate priorities for product development and improvement to better serve customers.

Expand the European marketplaces

  • Talking about their rapid growth in the European marketplaces, Junge said, “First of all, I want to emphasize the quality of the product itself. We strive to make products with high quality. Secondly, after accumulating certain consumer orders and review information, we identified the pain points of our products and focused on improvement.”
  • Junge said, “Next, we continuously optimized keywords and product categories based on Amazon metrics to better meet consumer needs and form an effective virtuous cycle.”

From brand to word of mouth, from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

  • Continued Amazon Ads Sponsored Products promotion not only helped customers discover products from Anker Innovations, but also helped increase brand awareness and drive sales for Anker.


Anker’s sales increased 30x within five years since their launch on Amazon in 2011, and products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions now, with 30 million loyal users worldwide.