How Activ Life measures the impact of non-Amazon marketing on shopping performance in Amazon’s Store

For more than seven years, Activ Life, an outdoor toys brand that helps families rediscover the great outdoors, has been selling products in Amazon’s store.

By Fall 2021, the brand began looking to better understand how their non-Amazon paid search ads were impacting the shopping journey in Amazon’s store. Activ Life was not currently able to understand the full impact of their non-Amazon marketing activities, such as campaign-specific ROI (return on investment), and they were unsure if they were connecting their products with the right audiences.

In November of 2021, Activ Life began working with Ampd, an Amazon Ads solution provider whose cutting edge, self-serve technology helps provide guided paths to launching customized non-Amazon paid search campaigns. Ampd’s technology can automatically apply Amazon Attribution measurement to help Activ Life measure the full impact of non-Amazon marketing activities on Amazon’s store performance.

Setting up Amazon Attribution measurement

Activ Life looked to Ampd for help measuring the ROI of their non-Amazon marketing campaigns, such as non-Amazon paid search ads. Ampd's integration with the Amazon Ads API enables access to Amazon Attribution insights on lower funnel shopping activity such as keyword specific attributed purchases and ACOS (advertising cost of sale).

Ampd technology laid out a recommended set up for non-Amazon search campaigns, including intelligently recommended keyword informed by the performance of Activ Life’s Sponsored Products keywords. Activ Life was able to set these campaigns up in a few clicks within the Ampd dashboard, including Amazon Attribution measurement for each non-Amazon search ad.

The integration Ampd has with Amazon Attribution through the Amazon Ads API enabled Activ Life to see which non-Amazon keywords were converting at the most efficient ACOS. This helped Activ Life optimize and scale their non-Amazon ad spend, increasing budgets for the best performing keywords.

Activ Life found success with Ampd and Amazon Ads

The keyword specific Amazon Attribution insights helped the brand drive deep optimizations towards lower-funnel shopping performance in Amazon’s store. With the help of Ampd’s tool and Amazon Attribution insights, Activ Life was able to generate $34,057 in incremental revenue over a two-month period. These results were directly attributed from their non-Amazon search campaigns.1

"Leading up to the 2021 holiday peak period, we were able to generate a large volume of sales ($34k above our target incremental revenue) with a profitable ACOS across our top-performing non-Amazon keywords. Because of how fast we received Amazon Attribution insights, through Ampd’s Amazon Ads API integration, we were able to drive ad optimizations every few days, which helped us drive successful outcomes. Ampd’s tool made it extremely easy to set up and optimize campaigns."

— Trevor Gaves, General Manager, Activ Life

Ampd offers additional solutions that can help advertisers better understand their brand performance.

“Tapping into Amazon Attribution through the Amazon Ads API has allowed Ampd clients to reach audiences through Amazon’s product detail pages, as well as their Store, providing audiences with more options to purchase with the brand.”

— Joshua Gebhardt, Co-Founder and CEO of Ampd

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1 Advertiser-provided data, United States, 2021