Financial Services success from the Amazon DSP


  • Client: Leading insurance provider.
  • Client Objective: Increase automotive insurance quote requests.
  • Success Metric: Lowest cost-per quote (CPQ)

Amazon media solution

  • Amazon Advertising recommended the Amazon DSP on desktop to deliver relevant ads programmatically to customers on owned and operated sites and across the web.
  • The campaign used Amazon audience segments across the Amazon DSP inventory - negotiated directly with premium publishers and available through leading ad exchanges.
  • Automotive audiences segments used observed behaviors from Amazon offerings including Amazon Garage with vehicle information.
  • Amazon Advertising was able to expand the advertiser’s audience reach to similar in-market insurance shoppers through its modeling capabilities.

1) End of Campaign Report, Amazon Internal Data, Q2-Q3 2015, US
2) Client reported benchmark
3) Auto insurance bought online or offline, Amazon retail sites, comScore Plan Metrics July 2015

  • Amazon DSP outperformed client benchmarks by 3x with a $5.00 average cost-per quote (CPQ)
  •, an Amazon site, was highly efficient with a $3.08 CPQ