The basics of success: Beyond sponsored ads

Now that you're familiar with the basics of digital advertising with Amazon Ads and have learned how sponsored ads can help you grow your brand and help drive sales, you may be interested in finding out about Amazon Ads' other options.

Sponsored ads are a great starting point, because they can work with different levels of budgets and help achieve one of the goals all businesses have: increasing sales, or conversion.

However, depending on the nature of your business, you may have advertising goals related to awareness, consideration, or loyalty. You may have additional questions about what Amazon Ads can do for you. Read on to learn more.

Can I advertise on additional digital channels?

Yes! See below for some of Amazon Ads' other options, which can help support your goals across all advertising objectives.

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that you can use to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads.

Display ads: Amazon Ads' display ads can appear on Amazon, Amazon devices, Amazon owned-and-operated sites, and across the web. There are a variety of ad formats and placements available. Unlike sponsored ads, customers who click your display ad can be taken to a destination anywhere they spend their time, such as your own website.

Display ads can be managed directly using the self-service option through Amazon DSP, or you can work with an Amazon Ads account executive for a managed-service option. You pay on a CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) basis.

Video ads: Amazon Ads' video ads include both Streaming TV ads and out-stream video ads. Streaming TV ads appear before, during, or after streaming tv video content across third-party apps, ad-supported live sports, our curated news app, Amazon Freevee original content, and Freevee-exclusive movies and shows. Out-stream video ads appear outside of video content, both on Amazon subsidiaries like IMDb and across the web as standalone videos. Some video ads can be clicked, and just like display ads, you can choose a destination anywhere customers spend their time.

Video ads can be managed directly using the self-service option through Amazon DSP, or you can work with an Amazon Ads account executive for a managed-service option. How you pay for video ads depends on format and placement.
Audio ads: Amazon Ads' audio ads are played on the free tier of Amazon Music across Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo and Fire TV, as well as on mobile and desktop. They may include a companion banner, which appears on Echo Show devices, Fire TV, and in the Amazon Music app and webplayer on mobile and desktop.

Audio ads require working with an Amazon Ads account executive and are sold on a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) basis.

Custom advertising solutions

Custom advertising solutions

If you are looking for even more options, you can work with an Amazon Ads account executive to develop custom solutions and experiences based on your specific goals.

With custom executions, you aren't even limited to digital advertising channels. Your advertising program can include off-line channels such as on-box advertising. Your account executive will help you shape your bespoke advertising program.

What if I don’t sell products on Amazon?

You don’t have to sell products on Amazon to advertise with Amazon Ads. See the table below to determine which advertising products you are eligible to use.

I sell on AmazonI do not sell products on Amazon
Sponsored ProductsYesNo
Sponsored BrandsYesNo
Sponsored DisplayYesNo
Amazon DSPYesYes
Video adsYesYes
Audio adsYesYes
Custom adsYesYes

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