Festive season advertising

Six successful festive season ad campaigns from Amazon Ads customers

Festive season advertising includes campaigns and ads that run from approximately October to December, adjacent to seasonal events. Holiday marketing allows brands to share their discounts, deals and campaigns with gift-givers and seasonal shoppers.

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What is festive season advertising?

Festive season advertising is typically used to describe advertising during the fourth quarter of the year, primarily from November to December but also sometimes as early as October. These months are often considered the festive season, a time known for major gift-giving holidays like Christmas, as well as major discount-heavy shopping days including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Festive season marketing campaigns can comprise any number of channels, from social media posts about gift guides and email campaigns advertising special discounts to display ads encouraging shoppers to consider your products for festive season gifts. Festive season marketing strategy is less about making festive season ads a specific way—or just making sure your website looks festive season-themed—and more about getting the right messaging to audiences when it’s relevant to them.

Why is festive season advertising important?

Many businesses consider the festive shopping season one of the most important times of the year because it’s a peak shopping period. With so many shoppers ready to buy, festive season advertising can help your brand reach the right audiences.

Six examples of successful festive season advertising

Here are a few examples of successful festive season marketing campaigns from Amazon Ads customers to inspire you when it’s time to create your own holiday ads.

Case study

When the pandemic prevented Coca-Cola from holding its annual in-person fundraiser events for Banco Alimentare, a non-profit food bank in Italy, they pivoted to an online setting. The brand worked with Amazon Ads to create a digital Christmas market on, which featured limited edition Coca-Cola Christmas gift boxes to benefit Banco Alimentare. The success of the campaign funded 150,000 meals for Banco Alimentare in 2020.1

Coca Cola

Case study

2020 was a tough year for charity fundraising. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) evolved their “Letters from Santa” festive season marketing campaign to help boost their digital fundraising. Alongside their media agency, OMD UK, NSPCC teamed up with Amazon Ads to increase awareness and engagement with relevant audiences wherever they spend time. The charity reached over 8M consumers in the UK and collected donations over 400% over target.2

A man and two kids


Pentel turned to Amazon Ads to help their festive season marketing campaign drive brand awareness, consideration and sales. They amplified their brand message and product lines in the competitive home office and writing instrument categories with a combination of sponsored ads, Stores, audio ads and display ads via Amazon DSP. The brand had over 5X increase in ad-attributed impressions, more than 3X increase in ad-attributed sales and more than 2X increase in ad-attributed units sold versus 2019.3

A woman on a phone

Case study

When Church & Dwight Canada Corp. wanted to connect with holiday shoppers, they worked with Amazon Ads to create a campaign strategy to help drive sales, using Amazon DSP to run display ads. As a result, they exceeded benchmarks and previous holiday campaigns.


Case study

Measuring the success of your festive season marketing to inform campaign optimisation is just as important as the campaign itself. Squatty Potty, a global manufacturer and seller of stools designed to improve toilet posture, did that with Amazon Attribution. Delivery challenges during the festive season meant that they couldn’t guarantee arrival by 25 December. Not wanting to miss out on festive season sales, Squatty Potty decided to take advantage of Amazon’s guaranteed delivery. On Squatty Potty’s website, beneath the typical call to action (CTA) for shoppers to add products to their basket, they added another CTA with “Get it faster” messaging that, when clicked, directed shoppers to the relevant detail page on Amazon. Thanks to Amazon Attribution, they were able to get insight into whether the second CTAs led to shopping activity and sales on Amazon.

A pot in a bathroom

Case study

SharkNinja, a house-ware brand with products ranging from vacuums to coffee makers, was looking to implement a strategy to drive sales on Amazon during the festive season. They turned to Marketplace Strategy, which crafted an updated festive season advertising strategy using Amazon Ads and detail pages that featured the full benefits of SharkNinja’s products.


Get started with festive season advertising

If you’re ready to start planning your festive season ads, you can explore the solutions available through Amazon Ads. Businesses who sell on Amazon can get started on festive season marketing with sponsored ads (or refer to our festive season guide for books advertising). If you’re interested in festive season advertising with any of our managed-service solutions, contact an Amazon Ads account executive.

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1 Advertiser-provided data, Italy, 2020
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