How Pentel used multiple ad solutions to effectively reach holiday shoppers

a holiday shopper being reached on mobile

December 06, 2021 | By: Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

Pentel, a company that produces stationary products, knows it’s important to start thinking about the holiday season early. That’s why the brand got a jump start on crafting their 2020 holiday marketing strategy, focusing on a few key goals: driving brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.

To help achieve these goals, Pentel aimed to amplify their brand message and product lines in the competitive home office and writing instrument categories. They wanted to not just stand out to new audiences who were browsing in these categories, but also engage with them. Therefore, Pentel teamed up with Amazon Ads to help them leverage brand content solutions.

Becoming retail ready to reach new audiences

Ahead of the holiday season, Pentel made sure their brand was retail ready with a brand Store. They customized their Store with brand messaging, detailed product images and videos, and customer testimonials. They also included a “giftable” products tab to help holiday shoppers explore gift options. These Store updates helped engage new audiences and enabled them to easily shop and learn about Pentel’s full product portfolio.

Embracing an “always-on” strategy to help shoppers find products

Pentel also activated an always-on sponsored ads strategy aimed at driving conversion. Within sponsored ads, Pentel broadened the category keywords they selected, in addition to their branded keywords. They did this to help new audiences better discover their brand and product offerings.

Developing holiday marketing strategies wherever they spend time

To reach a wider audience, Pentel ran display ads wherever they spend time through Amazon DSP—Amazon Ads’ programmatic advertising solution. Backed by Amazon’s first-party insights, display ads helped Pentel reach audiences in what is called the “writing” aisle, where shoppers buy supplies for home schooling and arts and crafts.

Leveraging audio ads to engage audiences during off-screen moments

Lastly, Pentel incorporated audio ads into their holiday campaign, delivering brand messaging between songs on Amazon Music’s ad-supported tier. This solution helped drive awareness and consideration of the brand’s suite of products among shoppers.

Seeing the results

Pentel knows holiday shopping journeys are not the same for all customers, so they deployed a marketing strategy that used multiple ad solutions to reach audiences across different touchpoints. This approach led to some strong results. The brand had over 5-times increase in ad-attributed impressions, more than 3-times increase in ad-attributed sales, and more than 2-times increase in ad-attributed units sold versus 2019.1

Advertisers may want to consider a multi-pronged approach using solutions like Amazon DSP, Audio ads, and Sponsored Display to help drive brand awareness and consideration leading up to the holidays. This strategy can help shoppers discover new brands and products this gift-giving season.

1 Amazon internal data, US, 2020