Holiday guide for books -
tips for authors

You've got the book. We've got the tools to help maximize sales this holiday season.


Find the right timing

  • Start your campaign by December 1, or at least 2 weeks before the holidays.
  • Since many customers might get E-readers for the holidays, run your campaign with no end date to help increase exposure.
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Start strong

Advertisers who increased their budgets by 50% saw 109% increase in ad-attributed sales, compared to those who didn’t.*

*Amazon Internal Data, US, March 2020.

Keyword strategy

Develop a keyword strategy

  • Use the Keyword Strategy Guide to group your keywords into buckets
  • Include a mix of the available keyword match types, particularly broad match.

Advertisers who start using broad match keywords in their new or existing Sponsored Products campaigns for the first time see an average of 80% increase in impressions and an average of 77% increase in ad-attributed sales in the next month, compared to advertisers who don’t take this action.*

*Amazon Internal Data, US, March 2020.


Optimize your ads

  • Wait 2-4 weeks before making any optimizations.
  • Review your reports to see what’s working and adjust your bids and keywords accordingly.

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