Case study

OmniShopper helps Vialetto engage with customers and drive overall sales using Amazon Ads solutions

Chocolate bars with magenta background

Vialetto, a chocolate brand designed to engage millennial and adult Gen Z audiences, began selling their products on the Amazon store in March 2020. Vialetto wanted to bring awareness to their brand by becoming more visible in shopping results, on complementary pages, and wherever they spend time. The brand also wanted to increase performance in the Amazon store, reaching an audience at different stages in the shopping journey in Italy.

In spring 2020, Vialetto partnered with OmniShopper & Co., an agency that specialises in omnichannel online retail sales, providing comprehensive, market-leading services and solutions to help clients maximise their success on both physical and digital channels. The brand trusted the agency’s experience with Amazon Ads and admired their strategic approach that focused on customers while keeping the brand’s business objectives in mind. This collaboration resumed in the creation and launch of advertising campaigns, and continues to this day.

At the outset, the goals were to increase sales and achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS), but OmniShopper also needed to optimize the brand’s investment. To further this effort, the agency consulted on the content strategy and creatives, and then curated and managed the advertising strategy on sponsored ads (Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products first, then Sponsored Display), before also adding Amazon DSP in the subsequent years.

Amazon ad with chocolate

Increasing visibility to help drive sales with Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products

Through Amazon Ads, Vialetto wanted to change the traditional style of communicating with customers in the chocolate category. To do this, the brand chose more unique, engaging content. This allowed the agency to develop and implement a dynamic and more effective advertising strategy.

To help achieve the goals outlined by Vialetto, the agency first used Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products to increase visibility in the product category and drive sales. During peak seasons, the agency used Sponsored Brands video to boost awareness and Sponsored Display to drive traffic to the brand’s product inventory for chocolate trees and Easter eggs. As the partnership progressed and the brand presence was established, the agency was further challenged to reach a larger audience.

The specific challenge OmniShopper faced with Vialetto was to make the brand visible in a complementary product category. The agency had to create a strategy focused on helping Vialetto stand out from similar brands. To solve this challenge, the agency began using Amazon DSP to help increase brand awareness outside of Amazon by reaching different audiences with the brand’s storytelling. The agency also created engaging creatives and optimised Vialetto’s Store experience with memorable video content. Through insights and signals, OmniShopper optimised the strategy to maximise reach and sales, meeting the KPIs set by the brand.

The agency used Sponsored Display to drive visibility and traffic with customers browsing for products in related categories and subcategories, such as high-fiber, low-carb super foods and dry fruits. Additionally, they used videos and creatives for Sponsored Brands, which focused on the original recipes and presented the Vialetto family. This was a key success factor in generating engagement and driving traffic to the brand’s Store and product detail pages.

quoteUpWe learned a lot by combining different Amazon products with a great creative concept. We used reports and Amazon Marketing Cloud [AMC] to get more insights to improve our strategy. After reviewing the AMC insights, we discovered that using Sponsored Display on products already advertised through Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products helped maximise conversion rate. We also experienced great success with video advertising both with Sponsored Brands video and using video for Amazon DSP.quoteDown
– Enrico Babucci, chief strategy officer, OmniShopper & Co.

With regard to the Amazon DSP strategy, OmniShopper created video campaigns that led shoppers to Vialetto’s Store, with the objective of increasing the number of new-to-brand customers. The agency also utilized remarketing campaigns to engage shoppers who visited Vialetto product pages and complementary product pages to help increase customer loyalty.

Vialetto Sponsored Display ad for chocolate
Vialetto Sponsored Display campaign for latte caramel chocolate

Using a full-funnel approach to engage shoppers

With the help of OmniShopper, the Sponsored Brands video campaign reached a click-through rate of 3.8%; more than 2X their category benchmark of 1.31%.1 Overall sales also experienced an increase of 36% in 2022 compared to 2021, with a ROAS increase of 52%.2

quoteUpWe wanted to have a full-funnel approach to connect with new audiences for our chocolate brand. Our partnership with OmniShopper has proven to be a great success, as we have seen an impressive level of engagement with our brand and real growth in terms of sales. Thanks to this, we are now able to set more challenging objectives for this brand in the upcoming year.quoteDown
– Elisabetta Boccali, marketing manager, Colussi Group

By using the full-funnel approach, the agency was able to engage customers along their shopping journey. For a new brand such as Vialetto, this full-funnel approach was essential for building awareness and driving organic queries. It also encouraged repurchases and ensured visibility of the brand while shoppers were browsing the category.

1–2 Source: OmniShopper, Italy, 2022.