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How can Amazon Ads fit into the marketing strategy for your automotive business? Learn about the advertising solutions that we can offer to automotive marketers, on and off Amazon.

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What is automotive marketing?

Automotive marketing helps you connect with prospective car shoppers, both near-market audiences (shoppers who might be three to six months away from purchasing a car) and in-market shoppers (higher-intent shoppers who are less than three months from purchasing a car).

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The automotive industry today

In today's automotive industry, brands and dealerships are innovating vehicle technology while at the same time adapting their buying process in order to match changing customer preferences and the digital marketing landscape. Meanwhile, advertising remains an important channel for brand messaging and building relationships with customers.

Automotive marketing trends

2021 forecasted global light vehicle sales are expected to exceed 68 million.1

65% of US dealers expect accelerated development of online vehicle sales and booking platforms.2

14% increase in total expected automotive ad spending worldwide in 2021.3

Challenges facing automotive brands

Shift from linear TV

TV ads have been a staple of automotive marketing for decades due to TV’s effectiveness at delivering memorable ads and messaging. But viewers are shifting away from linear to streaming services, spending 57% more time streaming in 2020 compared to the previous year.4

Driving early consideration

The automotive shopping journey has moved increasingly to online channels, and potential customers are researching and forming opinions heading into their purchases. In fact, nearly half (48%) of car buyers had already decided on the vehicle make or model prior to purchase.5

Vehicle electrification

While electric vehicles (EVs) represented only 2.5% of all global new car sales in 2019, they are forecast to represent 32% by 2030.6 This change is being driven by a combination of global shifts in consumer sentiment and energy policy.

Insights for automotive marketers

83% of Amazon shoppers are either cord-cutters – audiences who switch from pay TV subscriptions to streaming media services – or cord-stackers – audiences who subscribe to both pay TV and streaming TV.7

Frequent Amazon shoppers visit an average 2.6 car dealerships versus only 2 for less-frequent Amazon shoppers.8

Frequent Amazon shoppers are three times more likely to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle compared to less-frequent Amazon shoppers.9

63% of car buyers experienced a life-changing event such as a family, home or hobby change before purchasing a vehicle.10

Automotive marketing examples

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Case study

Learn how ŠKODA saw a 50% lift in purchase intent with an awareness campaign using Amazon DSP, combined with high-impact creatives on Fire tablet, Amazon and IMDb.

Woman standing by an Infiniti car on a rural road.

Case study

The luxury vehicle company drove over 600 test drives through its integrated marketing campaign with Amazon Ads.

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Understand more about Amazon’s unique offerings for the automotive vertical in an increasingly digital landscape.

Automotive advertising strategies

Build awareness with streaming TV

Use Amazon Streaming TV ads to engage shopping, automotive and lifestyle audiences that you can’t access with any other media provider. You also have the opportunity to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers who use Fire TV devices. Plus, with over 55 million viewers of ad-supported streaming content, we can help your campaigns scale at a designated market area (DMA) level.11

Discover unique audiences

Access unique vehicle in-market audiences using shopping signals from Amazon Vehicles and Amazon's Your Garage. Amazon can also help you develop a near-market strategy that aligns vehicle promotions with your customers’ life events and interests, such as advertising EV models to shoppers who have indicated an interest in green or Climate Pledge Friendly products.

Advertise programmatically across screens

With Amazon DSP, you can gain a singular view of your audiences and connect seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices. Sizmek Ad Suite is a global, multichannel ad server that offers creative tools, campaign management and optimisation, and Media Rating Council-accredited measurement.