Introducing portfolios for sponsored ads

18 DECEMBER 2018

By Lauren Tran
Content Marketing Manager

We’re excited to introduce portfolios, a new way to manage and organise your sponsored ads campaigns. Portfolios are designed to simplify your workflow while giving you more control and better insights, letting you focus on improving your campaign performance and running your business.

What is a portfolio?

Portfolios introduce a new management feature that enables you to group and organize Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns into collections that mirror the structure of your business. With portfolios, you now have the flexibility to arrange campaigns in a way that’s meaningful for you, such as by brand, product category or season.

You can create a new portfolio in just a few clicks by selecting the campaigns you would like to group together. After creating a portfolio, you can quickly update your portfolio settings with inline edits or bulk sheets.


Leverage these new portfolio features for easier campaign management

Control your costs automatically with portfolio budgets

A key advantage that portfolios offer is control over spend across campaigns. Once your portfolio budget is exhausted, all campaigns in that portfolio will automatically pause until you choose to reactivate them by increasing your portfolio budget.

Portfolio budgets can save you time, help you control costs, and remove the need for manual monitoring. Simply set your target budget and let our automated tool alert you when you reach your portfolio-level budget caps or end dates. Portfolio budgets can facilitate more efficient campaign planning and management for agencies managing client budgets as well as for vendors managing brand budgets.


Evaluate high-level performance across campaigns with portfolio reporting

Once you have created a portfolio, you will unlock consolidated portfolio reporting in your advertising console. To view this new report, visit the Campaigns tab and click Portfolios to review total spend and total sales for all campaigns within a portfolio and a summary of your overall portfolio spend and sales. If you were previously using Excel to manually consolidate reporting across campaigns, this update eliminates the need for this extra work.


There are a number of ways that you can benefit from portfolio-level reporting:

  • Get a more complete picture of your overall sponsored ads performance organised in a way that’s meaningful to your business.
  • Quickly identify high-level trends that you might not otherwise spot when reviewing individual campaigns.
  • As you don’t need to manually consolidate data, spend more time analysing trends and optimising your campaigns.

Simplify your invoice process with new billing statements

In addition to creating portfolios, we’ve simplified billing with new statements that are easier to understand. The new billing statement leverages your portfolio structure so you can see how much you spent by brand or product during the billing cycle. These new statements are ready to share with your internal stakeholders or clients without any additional work on your part.


Manage multiple Stores from one account

If you’re a multi-brand vendor, you can now manage more than one Store within a single advertiser account, improving your workflow and saving you time. (This feature is already available for sellers who are brand owners.)

To get started with portfolios in your account, sign in, click the Campaigns tab and choose Create a portfolio.