Introducing the Amazon Advertising Partner Network

7 July 2021

Today, we’re excited to introduce the Amazon Advertising Partner Network – a global community of agencies and tool providers that can help advertisers achieve their business goals using Amazon Advertising products.

This new programme helps agencies and tool providers deliver results for our mutual advertising customers. The Partner Network enables partners to further develop their capabilities, engage more deeply with Amazon Advertising, and grow their businesses.

A new community for Amazon Advertising partners

The Partner Network is a central location where partners can access educational, technical and marketing resources, as well as a self-service account through which partners can manage all of their company’s Amazon Advertising interactions. From their Partner Network account, partners will be able to link their employee accounts, register for the Amazon Advertising API, and access their campaign manager tools in a single hub.

To help partners strengthen their expertise across Amazon Advertising products and campaign strategies, the Partner Network will house a partner content library, which will include everything from best practice guides and product videos to API documentation.

Additionally, partners will have the opportunity to earn advanced partner status. This qualifies them for added benefits, including access to selected beta programmes and tailored training on campaign strategies and new product releases. Partners will also be able to showcase their expertise and advanced partner status (if applicable) through a listing in the newly enhanced global Amazon Advertising partner directory, launching soon.

“We’re thrilled to continue working closely with agencies and tool providers to help them better serve our mutual customers and grow their businesses. We’ve listened closely to partner feedback and have worked hard to build an experience that better meet their needs. The Partner Network and its range of resources is our first step towards helping partners scale their expertise and solutions across all of our advertising products. We’ll continue collaborating with partners to help them meet advertisers’ business goals, and we’re excited by what’s yet to come."

– Aby Angilivelil, Director of Partner Development, Amazon Advertising

The Partner Network offers agencies and tool providers a number of benefits, including:

1. Dedicated library of resources, news, webinars and events

The Partner Network provides a one-stop shop for finding educational content such as best practice guides, case studies and product videos, helping partners to stay up to date about the latest releases and upcoming events and webinars.

2. Developer resources

Via the Partner Network, partners’ technical teams can access Amazon Advertising API information on new releases, and connect their Amazon Advertising API account to their Partner Network account. Partners who haven’t integrated with the Amazon Advertising API can apply via their Partner Network account.

3. Overview of certified associates

The Amazon Advertising learning console offers a comprehensive list of training modules, along with certifications for all advertisers and agencies' team members to validate their proficiency in specific topics. Partner Network accounts will include a new, company-level view of their teams’ certifications.

“The entire Tinuiti team is excited to be a charter member of Amazon's Partner Network and we look forward to making sure our advertisers benefit directly from our inclusion. The Partner Network provides us more resources and tools, all housed in one convenient location, that will allow us to continue to move faster and ensure our customers are ahead of the curve when it comes to Amazon.”

– Pat Petriello, Director of Amazon Strategy, Tinuiti

Enhanced partner directory

Advertisers and partners will soon see an enhanced, global partner directory that can help advertisers more easily find the best Partner Network agencies and tool providers for their needs. For example, advertisers will be able to sort directory listings by criteria such as “products”, “marketplaces” or “service model”. Partners will create, customise and manage their partner directory listing via their Partner Network account. For example, partners will be able to update their profile if they are supporting a new region, have opened a new office location or want to localise their profile into their advertisers’ native languages.

Interested in learning more or getting started? Visit the Partner Network.