Small business sees sales double in a month

“In terms of spend, I look at the bottom line. I use Amazon Marketing Services to advertise because the return is greater than my spend.”

—Jeff Block, President of Just Paper Roses

Seller doubles sales using Sponsored Products

“Using Sponsored Products to get new offerings on page 1 or 2, and to boost rankings of existing products, has completely changed our business.”

—William Land, Founder and CEO of Empire Case

Outdoors company sees best sales month ever

“Using Amazon Marketing Services, we put a product we were proud of into the hands of customers almost immediately. From there, positive customer reviews helped us fly up in the search results.”

—Travis Avery, Vice President of Marketing for Sawyer Products

Amazon Marketing Services ads lead to 500% return on investment for Sun Products

“AMS allows you to put the speed, flexibility and genius of Amazon to work for your brands and get ads in front of your customers with lightning speed.”

—Tim Blachowski, eCommerce Team Leader, Sun Products

Baggallini sees over 5x return on investment

“It would be a huge missed opportunity for brands to not participate in AMS. With the targeting capabilities, cost efficiency and performance reporting, it’s a must-have for any company’s paid media strategy.”

—Alan Krantzler, Brand President, Baggallini