What’s new with Amazon DSP

July 17, 2020

By Kelly Kupers
Product Marketing Program Manager

We’ve introduced several new features in the Amazon DSP to help you engage customers and more easily manage your campaigns. Here’s what we rolled out in June 2020.

General enhancements

Inspecting and managing brand-to-product mapping

You can now manage your brand-to-product mappings and request changes to remove misclassified products from your brand. This update helps you measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns across all ad programs and is available in the US, UK, and CA. To view and edit brand-to-product relationships, go to the Brands menu on the Amazon DSP console.

Any changes made to these relationships impacts all the ad campaigns you are currently running and any planned future campaigns. After product-to-brand associations have been corrected, reporting for display, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns will have accurate representation for attribution to metrics such as total purchases. This change does not affect your billing.

For more information, please visit the help center.

Selecting goal KPI during order creation

Amazon DSP orders now require a goal KPI to be selected when creating an order. To select a goal KPI, you can choose a metric from the drop-down in the budget and delivery section during new order setup. Requiring a goal KPI selection during order creation allows Amazon DSP to provide more automated recommendations and optimizations. Additionally, this feature makes it easier for you to measure campaign success. Goal KPI is available in all locales where Amazon DSP is available.


Auto-generate e-commerce ads with responsive e-commerce ad formats

Responsive e-commerce creative is a new ad format available in open beta in US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, and AU. It allows you to auto-generate e-commerce ads with up to 20 associated products across a variety of sizes, reducing average build time by up to 90%.1 Using Amazon’s machine learning, the new ad format optimizes based on your choice of click-through rate, detail page view rate, or purchase rate. Additionally, out-of-stock products will will be deprioritized. Responsive e-commerce creative works across standard display, Amazon mobile display, and AAP - Mobile app line items.

1 As measured by Keystroke-level analysis, a methodology used to predict the length of time it takes an expert user to complete a task.


Streaming TV app blocking

The Streaming TV app blocking tool is now available in the US. It allows you to block the delivery of your ad campaign on a subset of apps within the Amazon Streaming TV ad supply bundle. Using this feature, you can now search and add apps to an exclusion list during campaign setup.


Fire TV Sponsored Screensaver

Sponsored Screensaver is now available on Fire TV in the US for managed-service advertisers. Sponsored Screensaver is a full-screen guaranteed rotational ad product that appears at the beginning of the Fire TV screensaver experience. Sponsored Screensaver is the largest ad placement available on Fire TV, providing poster-like images of content. With this launch, customers can discover and enjoy complete focus on new content and streaming TV applications. Sponsored Screensaver is available to native-to-device content providers and can be purchased on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis.

Fire TV sponsorships on Screensaver and Feature Rotator

Fire TV now offers managed advertisers sponsorships on Screensaver in US and on Feature Rotator in US, UK, and DE. This program supports non-native-to-device advertisers (autos, CPG, softlines, etc.), enabling them to align their brand with movies and TV content, making their brand more relevant to what viewers are watching on Fire TV, and helping drive brand awareness. The Sponsorship program will bring value to customers through limited commercial interruption, easy discovery of themed curated content, and discounts on rentals/purchases.


IMDb genre audiences

Amazon DSP has launched IMDb audiences across 27 genres in US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AE, and IN. This is an ongoing effort to create broad reach across streaming TV and video-focused audiences. These audiences can be found on the line item page and are prefixed as "LS - Interested In IMDb." With this launch, you can now reach audiences interested in specific genres.