How to reach TV viewers in the UK

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January 11, 2022 | By: Cyndie Di Marco, Sr. Marketing Manager

The last 20 months have brought many changes to our daily lives, impacting the way we socialize, communicate, and shop. One of the biggest shifts: we’re watching more content at home. According to Ofcom, the average amount of time UK viewers spent watching audio-visual content in April 2020 increased to an estimated 6 hours and 25 minutes per person per day—an hour and a half more than the average figure for 2019.1 The popularity of subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services also increased, with Brits watching an average of 1 hour and 11 minutes a day on these services in April 2020—37 minutes more than in 2019.2

Though the UK has re-opened and we are spending more time out of our homes, some of these at-home entertainment trends are here to stay. With streaming so prevalent in the UK, to help brands understand these new streaming behaviours, in November 2020, Amazon Ads worked with Kantar to survey 1,000 UK TV viewers on how, what, and where they stream content. Here's what we learned.

The majority of UK viewers stream content

Streaming is now a mainstream trend for UK consumers: 84% of respondents stream video on demand; 25% are cord-cutters—that is, they only stream content—and 59% are cord-stackers, meaning that they stream content and watch broadcast or satellite content, too. With streaming so prevalent, advertisers are likely to find some of their audiences on streaming channels.3

UK TV viewers often consult IMDb

IMDb is a popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. Our survey found that 48% of respondents consult IMDb before viewing a program or movie, and 45% use it while viewing.4 Thus, IMDb offers brands a good opportunity to engage TV viewers.

Mondelez, the UK’s number-one confectionery brand in retail sales value at Easter for example, launched an “EATtertainment” campaign to help promote Cadbury Creme Eggs to UK consumers ages 18 to 34, for Easter 2019.5 They teamed up with Amazon Ads to create two entertaining short films, “All in Goo Time” and “The Eggscapade.” Mondelez used high-impact creatives across IMDb to promote the films similarly to a movie release, with a branded film title page, takeovers, and 6-second and 15-second pre-roll film trailers. Mondelez’s campaign strategy was successful both in terms of sales and awareness. The 15-second video trailers on Amazon DSP achieved 82% video completion rate, 13% above benchmark6 and Cadbury Creme eggs entered the “Best sellers” on for the first time for last two weeks of March and the first week of April 2020.7 The IRI marketing research company also measured a 5% offline sales uplift for Creme Egg during the campaign.8

E-sports is gaining popularity

E-sports are increasingly popular with adults, with nearly 1 in 4 UK TV viewers surveyed streaming e-sports. Originally a hobby for teenagers, e-sports have now gone mainstream.9 According to Kantar’s social listening panel, the followers of the winner of last year's Fortnite World Cup were primarily white-collar professionals (54%).10

Alongside the growth in e-sports, interest in gaming has also ballooned. This is reflected on Twitch. Twitch has more than 2.5 million viewers at any given moment and more than 30 million average daily visitors.11 Viewers watched more than 2.8 billion hours of gaming livestreams on Twitch in Q4 2020, an increase of 75% year over year.12 Twitch offers UK brands opportunities to engage and delight customers in a creative way through content co-creation with streamers and bespoke live entertainment activations.

How can advertising help engage UK TV viewers?

A Kantar study found that TV viewers recall Amazon ads more than social media ads, with 28% of TV viewers recalling ads on all Amazon properties versus 20% for social media ads. In addition, UK TV viewers found Amazon ads to be two times more relevant than social media ads.13

Plus, 54% of linear viewers, 46% of cord-stackers, and 48% of cord-cutters surveyed shop one to three times per month, and respectively 37%, 33%, and 32% weekly on

UK viewers are engaging with Amazon when they’re tuning in to Prime Video to watch the Premier League or when they’re visiting IMDb to find out more about their favourite series. When they’re coming together to co-create their own live entertainment with their favourite creators on Twitch—they’re engaging with Amazon then, too.

From to Twitch and IMDb, Amazon Ads can help your brand engage with all types of audiences in the UK. We can help you reach your customers where they spend their time regularly. Learn more about Amazon Streaming TV ads and contact us to find out more.

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