Pacvue harnesses the power of Sponsored Display to help advertisers reach bigger audiences

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December 29, 2021 | By: Rebecca Fontana, Sr. Editorial Manager

Sok Khann, the Director of Customer Success at the advertising optimization service Pacvue, knows that Sponsored Display can be a powerful solution to help brands to reach big advertising goals.

Offering dashboards and automated tools, Pacvue works with more than 3,000 medium and large advertisers to raise brand awareness so that they can better connect and engage customers. In the past 18 months, they dove deep into understanding Sponsored Display and learned how best to use it.

Pacvue supplies advertisers with both custom reports and unique dashboards for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. This allows different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be highlighted for different campaigns, rather than being lumped together. Pacvue also facilitates the testing of headlines, images, and logos, so creative can be unique to each brand’s vision. In addition to these features, Pacvue offers options for dayparting, allowing even more experimentation with campaigns. For keeping track of all these results, Pacvue has a plug-in for Excel, so reporting results is easy.

Sponsored Display, along with other ad solutions, helps brands connect and engage with customers. “On average, Pacvue’s clients who adopted Sponsored Display observed 8% more sales than those who only use Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands,” said Pacvue’s Director of Marketing, Adam Hutchinson. He added that 83% more of their clients have used Sponsored Display in 2021 versus 2020.1

quoteUpOnce a brand has a solid foundation of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns, I always recommend Sponsored Display as the next step in Amazon Ads.quoteDown
– Sok Khann, Director of Customer Success, Pacvue

Using Sponsored Display can also help advertisers reach customers at every step of their shopping and entertainment journeys, and it can help increase the number of new-to-brand sales. Pacvue helps established brands focus on these incremental conversions. For example, from Q1 to Q2 of 2021, Pacvue’s clients saw their new-to-brand sales increase by 9%.2 Additionally, they also allow for precision while advertising high-velocity products or limited inventories, since Sponsored Display will show ads only for products that are currently in stock.

Household goods brand raised awareness with Sponsored Display

In early 2021, Pacvue worked with a household goods brand that wanted to bring awareness to lower product prices and even a new product line. The brand began testing campaigns that featured lower-priced products and similar products in related categories. It also used Pacvue to help raise awareness of a new environmentally conscious product and create a campaign for interested customers. As a result, in the first half of 2021, the brand’s overall return on advertising spend (ROAS) grew 12.7%, with Sponsored Display as part of their marketing strategy.3 Additionally, Pacvue helped the brand produce creative assets that displayed their logo more prominently, which resulted in that campaign having the highest ROAS out of all the Sponsored Display campaigns the brand ran that year. This campaign featuring the brand’s logo had Sponsored Display ROAS 43% higher than the brand’s average.4

Another example of how Pacvue has been able to help brands reach their goals using Amazon Ads solutions comes from a pet food brand. This brand was already using Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, but it wanted Pacvue’s assistance with using Sponsored Display to help them connect with new audiences. With the goal of increasing brand visibility and awareness, the brand saw a 121% increase in ad sales from paid sponsored campaigns while working with Pacvue.5

Pacvue will continue building on their success with Amazon Ads in 2022, and Pacvue President Melissa Burdick shared:

quoteUpOur clients are seeing a meaningful impact with Sponsored Display, and we’ve really just scratched the surface with the audience insights and ad creative capabilities available from Amazon Ads.quoteDown
– Melissa Burdick, President, Pacvue

1-2 Pacvue first-party data
3-5 Amazon internal data, US, 2021