Amazon Ads' Claire Paull outlines the marketing trends emerging in a changing consumer world

October 26, 2021

Amazon Ads’ annual unBoxed conference arrived this year amid a time of immense change for many consumers around the world. In her opening keynote and as emcee throughout the two-day event, Amazon Ads’ Head of Global Marketing & Training Claire Paull outlined the current state of advertising and how marketers and advertisers can work to better connect with customers in authentic ways.

“After more than a year of being at home, and in some places longer, many of us are excited to make our way back into the world, to reconnect to the things and places and people we love, myself included,” Paull said. “But we aren’t returning to exactly the way things were. The world has changed, and so have we. For many of us, the past year has helped us rethink what matters. It’s reminded us of the importance of family, friends, and connection.”

According to a 2021 study from Environics Research and Amazon Ads, 75% of consumers in the US and Europe have recently modified their way of life to concentrate more on things that are of value.1 Additionally, 68% of consumers in Mexico, Europe, Canada, and the US say they are more likely to buy from a brand that is willing to take a stand on social issues.2 Sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion are among the top issues that are important to consumers, the Environics Research study showed, and these topics emerged as main talking points throughout the two days of unBoxed.3

“As we look ahead, we are adapting to significant industry developments, too, from the end of the cookie, to the rise of brand activism, and an urgent need for greater sustainability,“ Paull said. “Addressing these changes won’t just give brands a competitive edge. They will be table stakes.”

Paull stressed that it’s important for brands to understand the issues that customers care about.

quoteUpAs brands and storytellers, we have the unique opportunity to help customers find the things they want, need, and love. To help them feel connected and understood. In order to connect with customers, brands have to earn trust—and they do this by being authentic.quoteDown
– Claire Paull, Head of Global Marketing & Training, Amazon Ads

The Environics Research showed that 72% of consumers in the US want to see more diversity and representation in advertising.4 And 80% of consumers in the US and Europe are more likely to purchase products or services from brands whose values align with their own.5

“The stories we tell have the power to shape the world around us,” Paull said. “As brands, we can share narratives and ideas that help make the world equitable and inclusive.”

Sustainability is another topic that is important to today’s consumers. The Environics Research study showed that over 70% of consumers say they are tired of brands acting like they’re exempt from environmental responsibility.6

“It’s so important to remember the power of purpose-driven storytelling. It reminds us of the agency we have, as marketers and storytellers, to make a positive difference in people’s lives,” Paull said. “Nowhere does this feel more urgent today than when it comes to sustainability and climate change.”

In her closing remarks, Paull summed up key takeaways for brands.

“First, commit to issues that matter—to you and your customers. Create products, services, and experiences that meaningfully enhance customers’ lives,” Paull said. “And finally, consider the future as you pursue innovation.”

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