Introducing sponsored ads and Stores in the United Arab Emirates

JANUARY 3, 2020

Today we’re excited to launch sponsored ads and Stores in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sellers and vendors, enabling them to deliver results based on their marketing objectives and business needs. launched in May 2019 and enabled existing customers and new Amazon customers in the UAE to shop using the Amazon App and the website. In September 2019, we launched the Amazon DSP in the UAE, enabling advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads wherever customers spend their time.

With today’s announcement, we’re furthering our commitment to helping businesses tell their brand story and reach customers who are looking for products like theirs on Here are the new advertising solutions, which you can start using right away.
Sponsored Products enable customers to discover and buy products when they're shopping for similar products on

An image of a Sponsored Products ad

Sponsored Brands are customizable, cost-per-click ads that help customers discover and engage with brands as they shop on Amazon.

An image of a Sponsored Brands ad

Stores are free and self-service branded destinations on Amazon to curate content that inspires, educates, and helps shoppers discover the brand’s product selection.

An image of a Store on Amazon

For more information about Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Stores, visit our website.