Introducing regional registration for vendors

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

By Bobby Agarwal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
and Marianne Delattre, Content Marketing Manager

We’re excited to launch a new regional registration feature, which makes it easy for vendors to set up sponsored ads advertising accounts across all countries within the same region, in a fraction of the time, with no additional approvals or vendor codes.

For example, a sponsored ads advertiser in Germany can quickly set up accounts in the other eligible marketplaces in the EU (UK, France, Spain, and Italy). Or an advertiser in Mexico can use regional registration to set up accounts in the other marketplaces in North America (US and Canada). This feature is currently available in North America and Europe.

Advertisers can toggle between accounts within a region using the account switcher, allowing them to seamlessly manage campaigns across countries. Advertisers will still be able to choose where to set up campaigns and how to pay for advertising in each country as they do today.

Craft an international advertising strategy

Amazon has hundreds of millions active customer accounts worldwide,1 with over 100MM paid Prime members globally.2 Advertising in new countries can help vendors tap into these opportunities and potentially reach millions of additional customers who are eager to discover their products.

With regional registration advertisers can launch campaigns in multiple marketplaces in a matter of minutes, with no language skills or international marketplace knowledge needed.

How to get started

Getting started is easy. After creating your first vendor Amazon Ads account, simply sign in to the advertising console and click Manage accounts under the accounts drop-down menu. Click Register a new account, where you’ll see options to expand across your region using the new regional registration feature.

1 Active customer accounts represent accounts that have placed an order during the preceding 12-month period, Q2 2019.
2 2017 Amazon annual shareholder letter.