Amazon Ads deepens relationships with leading SSPs through Certified Supply Exchange program

June 13, 2024 | By Chris Conetta, Head of Supply, Buyer Services, Amazon Ads

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Amazon Ads launched the Certified Supply Exchange program to give advertisers on Amazon DSP enhanced access to third-party ad inventory and unique deals with leading supply-side platforms (SSPs), beginning with Magnite, PubMatic, and Index Exchange. This program strengthens Amazon Ads' relationships with SSPs, helping maximize ad effectiveness and drive more value from Amazon's audience insights across the open internet.

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By deepening our relationships with leading SSPs, we can provide advertisers more streamlined deal activations, robust signals, and reliable access to their preferred supply partners. The program aims to deliver better results through closer collaboration between buyers and sellers

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—Chris Conetta, Head of Supply, Buyer Services at Amazon Ads

“We have been impressed by our incredible growth with Amazon DSP, and are excited to accelerate that trajectory by joining the Certified Supply Exchange program. We see a major opportunity to help our shared customers better utilize the open internet to meet their campaign goals” said Kyle Dozeman, CRO, Americas at PubMatic. “This program creates a level of openness and collaboration that will enable us to efficiently guide customers throughout their holistic digital supply chain journey.”

For the first time, advertisers can now activate unique deal packages, including Amazon Shopper Insights curated packages that index highly against Amazon first-party shopping signals on Certified Supply Exchange SSPs inventory. This extends advertisers’ ability to leverage Amazon’s proprietary insights on third-party inventory and deals through their preferred SSP relationships. Advertisers will also benefit from more robust supply-side signals required of participating Certified Supply Exchange SSPs, helping buyers more effectively reach and engage their desired audiences.

The Certified Supply Exchange program enables:

  • Unique Amazon Shopper Insights curated packages that index highly against Amazon first-party shopping signals
  • Upgraded deal APIs and programmatic guaranteed (PG) capabilities that accelerate ease of use for deals setup and expedited SLAs
  • Expanded signal integrity, including coverage of video.plcmnt and GPID
  • Enhanced integrations for streaming TV access

"Magnite is excited to collaborate with Amazon Ads on this initiative to create more meaningful outcomes for buyers through enhanced, higher quality paths. This combination of Amazon Ads’s unique insights with Magnite’s unrivaled access to premium and curated supply can help buyers drive stronger results across differentiated inventory packages, including Amazon Shopper Insights packages, with scaled audiences” said Mike Evans, SVP of Demand Facilitation at Magnite.

Amazon Ads is making it easier for advertisers to consolidate and measure their holistic media buys spanning across Amazon’s award-winning media properties plus the extended reach of third-party inventory available with Certified Supply Exchange SSPs. This enables advertisers to maximize campaign dollars towards working media at scale by leveraging low programmatic fees on Amazon DSP. With the Amazon Ads supply desk, our team of supply experts help advertisers streamline programmatic deal activations across inventory on Amazon DSP. This includes supply curation and deals recommendations to optimize buyers’ investments and achieve marketing objectives utilizing the enhanced signals captured which offer advertisers more buying options and the potential to boost performance.