Introducing Amazon Video Ads

March 9th, 2017 | Jamie Wells - Sr. Manager of Product Management

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Introducing Amazon Video Ads

We are excited about the release of a new out-stream video ad solution, Amazon Video Ads (AVA), for advertisers that have managed accounts with Amazon Media Group (AMG). Check out an example in the video on the right side of this page.

With this release, advertisers can engage shoppers on Amazon with autoplay video while they are browsing on Amazon – across desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Amazon Video Ads are muted/sound-off by default, however, customers can choose to activate the sound and view the ad in full screen mode if they wish. Combined with the trusted Amazon environment, unique audience insights, and available analytics suite, AVA empowers advertisers to achieve their brand goals, such as awareness, favorability, product education, or consideration.

When AVA is combined with Amazon’s performance-based media, such as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Dynamic eCommerce Ads, advertisers will be able to tie upper funnel media investment directly into lower funnel sales activation.

We’ve developed Amazon Video Ads to align with the MRC/IAB standard for video viewability (≥50% in-view for 2 consecutive seconds). The autoplay starts only when the ad is in view, and it automatically pauses when the ad goes out of view. Based on early testing, we’re finding that this placement performs best with strong, visually compelling content – ideally in the first five seconds – and that the optimal length is 15 seconds or less.

Amazon Video Ads are purchased as a cross screen package that is designed to drive cost-effective video views on Amazon and at scale, and is available today in all locales that Amazon Media Group operates. To learn more, visit the AVA product specs page, or contact your Amazon Media Group Account Executive. Don’t have a sales executive? Reach out to us here.