New release: Promote Amazon deals
with product display ads

June 30th, 2017 | Amazon Advertising

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Blog / New release: Promote Amazon deals with product display ads

Generate more visibility for deals by using product display ads

Creating Amazon deals for your products can help attract shoppers and encourage them to take action, but in order for this to work, you have to make sure the right people know about them. We’re announcing a new creative solution, specifically designed to advertise your limited-time deals to relevant shoppers at scale. Vendors advertising with Amazon Marketing Services can now use product display ads to promote their deals.

Product display ads appear on product detail pages to shoppers browsing similar products or even complementary listings from your brand.

Product display ads

Why it works

Our self-service solution is designed to make promoting your Amazon deals simple and effective. With product display ads, you can create and customize campaigns for individual Amazon deals, ensuring that you’re delivering the right message to a relevant audience during moments that matter.

The right message: No creative assets are required from you—with just one click, our ad builder automatically generates a creative for each of your campaigns, populated with information direct from your product listing. The deal ad shows what type of deal it is, the promotion price, and when it expires. For lightning deals, if there is available space, it will include a claim bar showing in real time how much of the deal has been claimed.

Product display ads

A lightning deal is where a single item is paired with a limited quantity of extra savings coupons, available for a limited time or until all the coupons are used.

A savings and sales deal is a price discount promotion that must show a clear savings message in the headline

The right audience: Built-in audience targeting features allow you to match each deal you choose to promote with your intended audience. Your deal ads will drive shoppers to the product detail page that corresponds to each deal, helping to not only drive discovery but also qualified customers to your product detail pages.

With product targeting, you can either select product detail pages to target your deal ads to similar or complementary listings, or choose related categories to extend your reach to related products. With interest targeting, you can target shopper interests to increase your visibility to a broader audience.

Product display ads

The right moments: Your deal ads can show up on product detail pages, reaching potential customers when they are actively looking at related product categories and/or products—positioning your message in the right place at the right time to capture shopper attention.

How to get started

For vendors who are existing Amazon Marketing Services advertisers, you can log in to the AMS portal and the ad builder will walk you through the campaign creation process step-by-step. It will automatically show you the deals that are eligible. Eligible deals are any lightning or savings and sales deal under your vendor code that has been approved and not scheduled to end within the next 72 hours. You’ll also decide if you’ll target by product, category, or interest, and set the bid and budget for your campaign.

Once you choose which deal to advertise, the ad builder sets the start and end date of the campaign based on the approved duration of the deal. (For savings and sales deals, the campaign duration can be edited as long as it is within the deal’s approved start and end dates.)

If the deal sells out while your campaign is running, the campaign will automatically be paused for you.

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