Amazon Advertisers can now reach up to 50M monthly active users on Fire TV

December 21, 2020

Since its launch six years ago, we’ve built Fire TV into an entertainment destination that provides immediate access to thousands of movies and TV shows, and makes it easy for customers to discover what they want to watch. This year, Fire TV exceeded 50 million monthly active users worldwide who are streaming billions of hours of content every month.1

Fire TV advertising can help brands connect with this large, highly-engaged audience to drive more effective advertising results. Here’s how.

Ad options to promote all types of content

According to eMarketer there are now over 31.2 million US households that have cut the cord, a 27% YoY increase. This is predicted to rise to 46.6M by 2024. As cord cutting continues at accelerated rates, Fire TV’s growth is keeping pace with media consumption trends taking place around the world. Consumers are using applications and watching more video content than ever before, especially as living rooms have transformed into gyms, classrooms, and entertainment hubs. Fitness applications alone doubled in popularity.2

Fire TV can help content providers and brands effectively reach potential customers, especially today in a fragmented media landscape.

Fire TV advertising delivers an experience that optimizes for the in-home entertainment experience, offering ad options that look native to television, while serving to amplify your content. From sponsored screensaver to in-line display banners to sponsored tiles, we have six customer-facing display products that drive advertiser goals for awareness, conversion, or reengagement.

It’s not just about having options, though; it’s about driving meaningful results. Through internal analysis, we’ve found that the click-through rate on Fire TV’s Feature Rotator is 3x higher than the industry-standard banner advertisement.3

Growth in ad-supported video

Today there are 70MM US households using OTT services (also known as streaming TV), and they are watching an average of 102 hours per month.4 Further, Amazon Streaming TV ads on average deliver incremental reach to linear TV, with 70% of the audience being exclusive to Amazon Streaming TV ads5―meaning, they’re not exposed to brands’ linear TV campaigns.

In line with the growth of OTT, there’s also been an explosion of ad-supported video content―and Fire TV is no exception. Free content offers a great customer experience without the need for any additional costs or subscriptions, and 76% of consumers are willing to see ads in exchange for free streaming (apps like IMDb TV, Pluto, Tubi, and Crackle).6

Ad-supported content also offers new ways to experiment with viewing models. One example is our free News app, which aggregates content from dozens of top providers in an ad-supported experience. While this app has quickly become the leading news app on Fire TV, providers of content for News also saw installation of their standalone news apps rise by an average of 4x.7

Inventing for the future of streaming

The breadth of content available today requires new ways of engaging customers, especially since hundreds of new apps are added to Fire TV every month.8 To help customers get the most out of their Fire TV experience, we are continuously innovating to improve content discovery and user experience.

Last week, we rolled out our biggest software update ever to Fire TV Stick (new generation) and Fire TV Stick Lite devices globally. The new experience is more personal and intuitive with user profiles, improved content discovery, and Alexa voice navigation. For advertisers, new discovery features will help drive higher engagement and surfacing of content while keeping our ad placement types consistent. The experience will continue rolling out across Fire TV versions and Fire TV Edition in the coming year.

This year, we’ve also introduced new ways to manage your campaigns with cost-per-click pricing and self-service, increasing both flexibility and optimization of your Fire TV campaigns.

We’re always working hard on behalf of our customers, listening to feedback, and improving. Stay tuned for more features, more global reach, and new advertising opportunities in the coming year.

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