Amazon Advertising Platform

Connect with your customers wherever they are—on Amazon, across the web, and on devices and apps.

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The Amazon Advertising Platform is a demand side platform (DSP) that enables advertisers to programmatically reach Amazon and Advertiser audiences on Amazon sites and apps, across the web, and on devices.

Combine exclusive Amazon audiences with your audiences

Leverage Amazon first-party shopping insights with your existing audience sources to reach relevant audiences as they actively search, browse, and purchase products on or off Amazon.

Connect with customers throughout their journeys

We can help you tailor your approach to reaching consumers at different levels of engagement with your brand – whether they’re actively researching your brand or not yet in market for your products, we deliver relevant creative and messaging at the right time across devices, the web, and mobile apps and sites to achieve your campaign goals.

Unique, high-quality inventory

Amazon Advertising Platform, the Amazon DSP, programmatically delivers ads across our owned-and-operated sites and apps, such as and IMDb, as well as across leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and the largest third-party exchanges.

Measure success

Our audience and performance reports show the impact of your advertising throughout the customer journey – from ad exposure to action. This includes unique insights such as brand halo conversions, which help you understand how your campaigns drove results across your entire brand portfolio.

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