OTT (over-the-top) and out-stream video ads

Amazon OTT (over-the-top) and out-stream video ads help you share your brand message to unique and relevant audiences at scale.

Scale your reach across world-class content to more audiences that matter to your brand. Our video advertising solutions combine first-party insights, measurement capabilities, exclusive inventory, and a unique relationship with Amazon Publisher Services. Use OTT and out-stream video ads to engage audiences across Amazon subsidiaries like, devices like Fire TV, and across the web.

Why use OTT video ads

With Amazon OTT video ads, you can showcase your brand alongside high-quality content, including the latest movies and TV, curated news, and live sports. Reach audiences watching content on connected TVs, publisher channels and networks, IMDb, and IMDb TV.

Reach audiences at scale in a fragmented video landscape

Amazon Advertising reaches more than 50MM+ monthly active viewers of ad-supported OTT content1 in the US across third-party apps, ad-supported live sports, our curated news app, and IMDb TV.

Engage audiences that matter to your brand

With billions of shopping and viewing signals, we can give you a better understanding of your potential customers before and after your campaign. OTT video ad campaigns that used Amazon audiences saw a 44% average increase to detail page views compared to using demographics.2

Tie results to brand metrics

Our first-party and third-party Amazon-supported measurement tools connect insights with actionable intelligence. Demonstrate the impact of your OTT campaign across your entire funnel with metrics like brand reach, brand lift, offline sales lift, and new-to-brand.

Get more value from your media dollars

We provide you the tools and capabilities to run smart OTT video ad campaigns. Our unique relationship with Amazon Publisher Services enables you to bid on every impression with absolutely no fees.

1Nielsen Media Impact and Amazon Internal, 2020.
2Amazon internal, 2020.

Why use out-stream video ads

Out-stream video ads appear on Amazon subsidiaries such as IMDb and across the web in various formats, including in-feed video, in-article/in-read video, video in-banner, and interstitial video served on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Reach the right audiences

Out-stream video ads allow you to share your brand message with relevant audiences with video that only plays when in view on and off Amazon.

Inspire action

Our first-party insights enable you to customize your video message and provide relevant content at any point during the customer journey.

Complement display ads

Utilize out-stream video ads to excite or educate customers with a message that complements a display campaign.

Who can use video ads

Businesses can buy video ads whether or not they sell products on Amazon. Self-service Amazon DSP users can buy and manage their own video campaigns, while those seeking a managed-service option can work with our ad consultants. The managed-service option typically requires a minimum spend of $35,000 (US). Contact a sales consultant for more information.

Countries where video ads are available
North America
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  • IT
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Middle East
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How advertisers can use OTT video ads

With OTT video ads, you can extend the reach of your linear TV campaign to engage unique and unduplicated audiences. On average, you can increase your total net media reach by more than 2% without increasing your total media budget, and nearly 40% of this incremental reach would not be achieved through linear TV.3

Get more value from your media spend by using our first-party insights and tools to reach more audiences that matter to your brand and engage them at scale.

Leverage the products or brands featured in your Amazon OTT video ads to fuel lower-funnel campaigns using sponsored ads and display to help drive engagement across the full customer journey.

3Fire TV extends linear TV advertiser’s reach to millennials who are active Amazon customers, Nielsen Media Impact, 2019.

A young man and a young woman laugh together while sitting on a couch in a living room with a TV in the background, which shows a movies selection screen.

How advertisers can use out-stream video ads

Consider using out-stream video ads to showcase your brand message or demo your products and services. If you're a brand looking to reach new shoppers, you could use video ads in conjunction with Amazon audiences to promote products that are complementary to products they have purchased. Or you can re-engage audiences who have already seen your in-stream video ad with a secondary out-stream video ad message.

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Video advertising case study

Quest Nutrition used Amazon OTT video ads to help drive awareness and consideration for its brand at scale and track measurable results.

"With Amazon Advertising, we get reach, we get insights, but most importantly, we get measurement tools so that we can actually see that our advertising is working."

– Suzanne Ginestro, CMO, Quest Nutrition

How to get started with Amazon OTT and video ads

Contact an Amazon ad consultant to learn more about campaigns using video ads.

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What is OTT (over-the-top) advertising?

OTT stands for "over-the-top" and represents any content service that provides streaming video content over the internet without satellite or cable. All you need to watch OTT content is an internet connection and a compatible device.

What’s the difference between OTT video ads and out-stream video ads?

Video ads can appear either within video content or as a creative element within a display ad. Video ads that appear within over-the-top (OTT) video content—either before, during, or after—are known as OTT video ads. These ads cannot always be skipped and therefore are typically viewed until completion of the ad. Out-stream video ads do not appear within video content and typically use space reserved for a display ad on a website or app. They appear on Amazon subsidiaries like IMDb and across the web as standalone videos.

How are my campaign results measured?

Advertisers can access our full suite of first-party reporting metrics in addition to Amazon-supported third-party measurement studies to measure the impact of their OTT video ads campaign.

Available metrics include brand reach, brand lift, online store visits, and offline sales lift.

What happens when customers click my ads?

Clickable out-stream video ads can link to a product page on Amazon, your own website, or another destination.

What if I don’t have any videos for my OTT campaign?

No problem—you can use our video creative builder. You can experiment with different products, images, and calls-to-action to discover what resonates with viewers and engage new customers.

What are the ad inventory sources for Amazon OTT?

There are four main OTT inventory sources available to advertisers: IMDb TV, Amazon Publisher Services broadcaster and network apps, ad-supported live sports, and News app on Fire TV.